About Me







Hello, and welcome to my new Blog.

I'm still setting up so please bear with me. So here is a little about myself and why I decided to start a blog.

I'm disabled and have an invisible illness, I suffer from additions which is scare tissue, mine are from having multiple operations, so this leaves me in chronic pain daily.

There isn't anything they can do as it's all around my bowl, bladder, ribs ect, I'm on a lot of medication, as well as other health problems.

I'm unable to have children from having a full hysterectomy in 2011, but I do have two fur baby's (dogs) with my husband which I couldn't be without. I have good days and bad days, I'm unable to work due to this illness.

 I started thinking what I could do with my time. this is where Rarars adventures comes in to play.

I drive a mobility scooter I enjoy going to the beach and try and do as much as I can when I can. I have noticed that it is hard to judge a place you haven't been before to know if they are disabled friendly or if there are toilets close by and parking, different things like this.

So I thought I would start a blog showing where and what places have, things like if your in a wheelchair is there a rap on to the beach, prices of different locations, hearing loops ect .

I'll also be sharing my personal story as well, maybe there is someone you know who is going through the same or simler. I don't know but I do no that this is my aim to put out there places that are disable friendly weather its a invisible disability or a disability you can see. 

I would love for you to follow my journey and enjoy it as much as I do. if I can help just one person it has to be worth it.

thank you for reading my new blog.

Littlehampton pier and light house surrounded with sand and stones on the beach