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Welcome back everyone thank you for joining me, so if you been watching the news we can see that there are a lot of changes happening, with places starting to open back up, places to visit pubs shops it's all happening, and there are different rules to follow for this happen.

But I dont know about everyone else but I think some of it is a little confusing to say the least!

So I thought it might be a good idea to do some digging of my own! I have my own questions as I'm sure I'm not alone with.

So most places to visit are opening which is brilliant but what do you need to know?

Before you go

  • Do you just turn up ? Or do you have to book?

  • Answer- best advise I can give is check the website of the place that you are visiting! Most places like the wealdland downland & museum you have to book before going same at the sea life centre and Aldingbourne. This is so that they can keep the public and staff safe.

  • Do you have to wear a mask?

  • Answer- It's your choice, because they are opening by bookings everyone will be at a safe distance there for you dont need to wear a mask but if you feel that you would like to wear one for own peace of mind then please do.

  • (Unless you go on public transport then you do unless you have a condition which means you are unable to)

  • All locations are keeping everything clean after people have walked round and safety measures have been put in place that will be gel around locations to keep clean, and extra cleaning staff.


  • Dont wear gloves you may think this is a much safer option but it's not gloves should only be worn with emergency services and professionals this is because of cross contamination.

  • If your unsure of something, before visiting somewhere and its not on the website call the company they will be more than willing to help answer any questions you may have.

One question I'm unable to answer at this time but trying find out is if you can travel in the same car as someone else, from a different house hold, the reason why Im trying to find this out is because at the moment this is a bit of a confusing question as I have tried to find out! They are saying that you can only travel for work etc but if they are opening places up including pubs and visiting locations does that mean we can share a car even if that means wearing a mask? as it's going with someone from a different house hold ???? This is one thing I'm struggling to find out not just for me to know but all the public?

I dont believe that they have made this very clear! What do you think or do you know? Please leave a comment on your views about this.

This is something I'm currently looking in to and as soon as learn more information about this I will share it with you.

Please leave a comment if you no of any other information that you think will be useful on this topic.

Thank you again for joining me and sticking by me in these hard times I do appreciate it.

Hopefully it wont be long before we are out and about exploring again with rararsadventures!

Also if you are new here please head to my social page where you can see my You Tube vlogs and the different places that we have visited before shut down, dont forget fo like and subscribe so you dont miss any upcoming vlogs and updates.

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