Update of up coming plans & what's been happening

Hello , thank you for joining me I hope you are all well and keeping safe!

Firstly I thought I would give you a little update on what has been happening with me, I think sharing my story of what is happening might help others so we can understand that even if that is something major going on in the world that we still have to live with our daily struggles, illnesses and disabilities. It doesn't all just stop because something else is happening, but it does effect a lot of things that people without illnesses may not understand as well, and can also make things worse for us harder to cope and manage even down to little things. Things like communication, seeing people, looking forward to that one visit a day, sorting medication out with extra worry in case you dont order in time! (Which I have now done more than once)

Your not alone dont worry!

I would love to hear how this is affecting you or someone you know, how your managing things, if you have found it harder because of covid-19 , I would also like to know what your concerns are at this time now things are starting to open up?

I know I have a few concerns and worries. (You are not alone!)

So here is what has been happening with me this past week!

So last Sunday I had a bit of a fall! Well I say a bit of a fall it was quite a big one really! I was trying to get out of bed because I was busting for the loo and if you have read any of my blogs you will know that I have a really weak bladder, so I got out of the bed and was holding a plate from lunch and I had my dog Tigger on the bed with me but when I got of the bed Tigger decided to get on the bed with me, (which is what she normally does it's nothing new) but some how she caught me or I caught her not 100% sure I have to admit it all happened really quickly! At the end of our bed we have a big chest to keep towels in which has feet really old and heavy and I caught my baby toe and toe next to it, I through the plate which smashed everywhere and it really hurt a lot! I screamed and my husband came running in as Tigger went running out with me screaming like you do I managed to sit back on the bed somehow and my husband had a look, next thing we see is loads of blood pouring out (well that was it for me I can handle other people's blood but not my own I'm a wimp) when my husband looked he could see that it was a big and deep cut so said that we needed to go to A&E.

(This was all fine apart from my husband's truck has had a few problems to say the least!)

So with that in mind we called my cousin who lives close by who was free and able to take us.

(I have to admit that the last place I wanted to go was hospital, for a few reasons covid-19 , pops up of course, but secondly because I hate hospitals badly, that is why I have PTSD, from having operations going wrong and needles, but I new that I wasnt going in for an operation I knew it was because of something completely different but it still caused anxiety. we arrived at the hospital and went in to A&E, we were met by a member of staff who gave us both masks and my husband explained what had happened so he was asked to sign me in, but then asked to leave he wasn't allowed to stay with me, (which for me set off panic! Because I am not a big fan of hospitals and I was in loads of pain and I felt really vulnerable)

But I knew it was something that I had to control as I needed to be there, to see what damage i had done.

But I luckily didn't have to wait long before being wheeled in to be assessed to see where I would be sent next.

I explained what happened and gave a brief run down of all my conditions and then he made a call and I was then sent to the fracture unit.

Once I was there I did have to wait about 45 minutes, but I think this was because inbetween patients they where cleaning the rooms, which was good to see.

I was then seen by the doctor who spoke to me and I explained what happened and he had a look at the cut first and then he started to clean it, which made it start bleeding again, and that was it! It set me off again, he looked at me and said that I needed to transfer on to the bed as I was going white as a sheet , because I had looked at the blood, then he gave me a cup of water before carrying on with cleaning my foot, (I have to admit I felt like a plum, having to lay down because of seeing the blood but what can you do?) So the doctor cleaned my foot and said that I was lucky that I didn't hit anything major but was deep , so he glued it together and steri stripped it and covered it up, he then sent me off for xrays to see if I had damaged my toes.

After waiting for about 10 minutes I was taking in for my x ray then taken back to the fracture unit, after about 5 minutes I was taken in again to see the doctor and he said that there was a bit of swelling which made it hard to see but he thinks they are both broken so would need to keep off the foot for up to 3 weeks to recover and the cut needed to stay covered for seven days and not allowed to get wet. Then I was allowed to go home.

By this point though my husband had gone home as he wasn't allowed to stay with me which I said to do as we didn't really know how long I would be in there , so once I got out I had a text from my husband saying that he had spoken to my sister who gave him a lift home and she said to tell me once I got out to call her and she would drop me home.

So this is what i did, bless her.

Once home it was time to start the recovery but again if you have read my blog you will know that I have a week wrist and shoulder which causes a lot of discomfort and for 3 weeks I'm meant to keep off my foot with crutches, but within the first day of being home this was already causing me a lot of pain so we had to think of a back up plan!

Luckily one of my friends mothers wasnt using her small mobility scooter and gave it to us a couple of years ago so we could use it in supermarkets if I was really bad , we haven't had to use it much which was good but that is what was going to be our back up plan, so my husband brought it in to the house and gave it a quick clean as it was a bit dusty and I've been able to use it to get around the bungalow and just use the churches in places that I can't fit in with the scooter.

So I have been really lucky.
So now it,s just been a week, another two weeks to go, but I have to admit that even using the cruches less my shoulder has still been really bad to the point I'm trying not to even use it because its hurting so much, and i believe that I may have caused more damage hoping not but time will tell I guess.
So that has been my week so far, also I haven't been able to do any vlogs, as I've not been able to get into my spare room where all my equipment is, which is a little frustrating but I will be trying to get in there this week so that I can do a vlog might just make it a little longer explaining everything that has been happening.
It's been one thing after another lately with my mobility scooter batteries dying and then falling over and braking my toes and then with my husband's truck dying as well and everything happening with Tigger when is it all going to end!
That's what's been happening with me now let's move on to what we are planning with Rarasadventures
Upcoming plans
  • We are going to be looking at and following the news on what advise the government are advising with regards of going out and visiting places.

  • Finding out what public places we can visit and what they are putting in place for safety.

  • Finding things that will help people with disabilities going to visit places.

So these are the things I'll be looking into and sharing with you all, but also I would like to here from you what you would like us to find out? Also if there are any places that you would like to visit but are not sure about because of safety reasons or anything else that may be concerning you?

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog! I look forward to hearing from you and any feedback that you might have.

Thank you for reading and keep safe everyone!

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