Travel assistance card

Travel assistance card

Hi, hope you are all well? So, I came across something the other day that I thought was quite interesting and felt I should share with you straight away.

I found out that if you get the bus and you have health problems or disabilities that you can get a card to show to the bus driver!

Like I said I haven’t heard of this before, so I didn’t know anything about this until looking into it a little more.

This all started with a lady called Martha Pugh-jones, she was 18 and was sworn and shouted at on her way home from school for sitting on a first bus priority seat in Bristol.

She has an illness called chronic fatigue syndrome and a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome which causes abnormal heart rates if she stands for to long.

This is when she wrote to the bus company and started her journey of the travel assistance card.

She was in the paper about it, ill leave the link at the end. I thought this was such an amazing and touching story that I had to share with you.

So now you can contact your bus company and fill out the form to let them know what you need help with and they send out a card so that you can show the bus driver while getting on the bus. For example -

If you need more time to sit down, don’t want the bus to start moving until you have sat down because you may fall, you may need help counting money, you can’t hear and so on.

I feel this is not very well known and we need to get this information out there so that more people know about, as it could really help a lot of people.

Also, her story is really interesting so go on the link and have a read, I think she did an amazing job, we need more people like Martha Pugh- Jones to take a stand.

So from what I can find you go on the following link and fill out your information and then they send out the card to you or I do believe that you can download the card, print them off and do it yourself.

I would be really interested in your thoughts on this and weather you knew about it or not? If you did how did you here about it? How have you found it works for you?

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Here is the link to her story!

Here is the link to an assistance card for bus travel.

I’ll be ordering one so i will let you know how I get on.

Hope you all have a great day and thankyou again for reading my blog.

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