THE WOW (Worthing Observation Wheel)


Worthing Observation Wheel

Welcome to my blog,

I went out to Worthing this week to go and visit the WOW, (Worthing Observation Wheel)

I have to say before I begin this took me right out my comfort zone and I did have a bit of a panic, but I got through it, luckily, I was with my husband, sister, brother in law and parents celebrating there 30th wedding anniversary.

So, The WOW is a big wheel with pods that you sit in and go around three times to see the views.

It’s 46 meters tall to give you an idea it’s just under eleven double- decker busses high.

The WOW has 36 pods which hold 6 people in each. One of the pods is wheel chair accessible, which is nice if you’re with family and friends.

I must say the views are amazing on a clear day, you can see across the Sussex Coast, the Downs and the English channel .The only height restriction I found was for children if your under there standing ruler which just indicates whether they need to have an adult with them or not.

The Observation Wheel is the highest wheel to be placed in the south, on a clear day you can see 10 miles all directions.

The Wow will be running until 1st of October.

Tickets are available via a self-service machine which is accessible via a ramp.

Sadly they do not offer any concessions so the prices are as follows :

£7.00 for adults

£5.00 for children under 1.4 meters

Children under 2 are free, or you can buy a family ticket which is £20.00 for 4 people.

There opening times are 10am-9pm during the summer however these times are dependant on the weather , so is worth checking their website if you’re unsure.

Before you go on to the Wow you can have your photo taken, as a souvenir, I chose not to do this as I live quite close but if your on holiday or visiting maybe something nice to remember your time at the big WOW, please keep in mind they do charge for these .

The Wow is just off of the pier so there are toilets close by, and disabled toilets. Its also only a small walk into Worthing town where there are places to eat and drink.

Parking: There are several carparks around worthing, the closest one to the WOW is Grafton multi storey car park. There is also street parking with several disabled spaces along marine parade , in the Summer months it’s quite hard to find parking close to the wheel, so make sure you leave yourselves enough time.

I looked to see whether they have AFIL (hearing Loops) but then learnt that there were no recordings on the pod so there wasn’t a need for AFIL.

I hope this information has helped you to make an informed decision about your visit to the WOW (Worthing Observation Wheel)

I personally thought it was worth going, the views where amazing!

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