The Toilet Frame

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Toilet Frame

Hello, and welcome back to Rarars adventures, I hope you have been keeping well, with the latest weather and haven’t been affected to badly.

I will admit we didn’t have it as bad as some in West Sussex, But the winds where strong enough to keep me in, as I think I would have been blown away in my mobility scooter if I had of tried to of gone out in it.

It’s funny sometimes you don’t realise how dependent you are on something until you are unable to use it due to weather.

Not something you normally take into consideration is it! Unless it breaks or weather gets in the way.

Let me know how you manged with the weather leave me a comment below.

So, this week I’m talking about toilet frames.

I know it’s not that exciting, but if you are like me and struggle with getting up or moving about it can be very helpful to have a toilet fame to help assist you.

When I first moved in to my bungalow with my husband, we had an OT come out and help to see what might help around the home so I could live more independently ,and so she helped with a few thing’s which I will share with you in more posts that I share, but today we are talking about the toilet fame.

So, the toilet frame I have is a free standing one, so you are able to move it out of the way if you need to. You can also change the hight if needed , I will admit it’s normally the right hight when it arrives for standard hight toilets.

You can get a toilet frame from your OT which I do believe you are able to organize yourself now ,I don’t think you have to go through your doctors anymore, I might be wrong so would have to double check this.

(I will try and do a post on OT’s soon, as some people may not know what they do or can offer.) Before I got the frame, I would really struggle after a bowl movement, I would be scared to get up by my- self because I would be in so much pain, and had the added problem of having spasms to go along with the pain, all of which would last a good half hour, and what if I fell I would never have been able to get up, so the loo frame has been an amazing help for me, it’s given me back some independence in the bathroom at least, it’s very steady so you can put all your weight on it with out worrying that it might break or move.

It’s easy to move and very light and easy to clean.

I got mine from an OT, but you can buy them from different mobility shops and places like amazon as well. And they don’t cost the earth which is always bonus.

I’ll leave some links on some places that I have found where you are able to buy the toilet fame down below.(excuse the pun)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and that it might help you or someone you may know who might be struggling.

until next week take care

Rarars adventures!

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