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So today I wanted to do a post about the Rader Key or also known as the NKS key. For people who may have heard about it or people who haven’t heard about it but might think about getting one after reading my post.

The Radar key is a large Silver or gold key that you can use for disabled toilets in public areas, for people who have bladder problems or bowl problems, the toilets are wheel chair friendly have a pull alarm cord, and rails to help you transfer on to the toilet if needed, they have yellow bag bins as well to dispose of sanitary waste.

These toilets come in very handy if you are in a public place and you need to go quickly, or for other related problems, as the only people who can use them are people with a Radar Key.

(I personally have been caught short and if it hadn’t of been for my Radar key it would have been a very embarrassing time for me.)

The Radar Key open's over 9,000 toilets in the UK. The first Radar key toilet was opened in 1981.

Some of the local Councils will hand them out free, or you can buy them from mobility shops, online, there are more than 400 local authorities and thousands of business's that have joined the scheme, who sell them for normally no more than £5.00. There are other places where you can still get a Radar Key for free.

I’ll be listing some off the websites that I have found at the end.

You also have the national Key scheme guide, which is produced for purchase each year, which list's the location of every Radar toilet on record. They have even made an app for your phone with added walking and driving directions to help you find the closest Radar key toilet near you.

Quote from “”

“The Radar key was brought in to help keep accessible toilets free and clean for disabled people.

The name Radar key stands for






The Royal association disability and rehabilitation which is now disability rights UK, worked in partnership with Nicholls and Clarke, the inventors of the RADAR lock and together they created the National Key Scheme (NKS). The first RADAR locks were fitted in 1981 to help keep accessible toilets free and clean for disabled people.

Before RADAR locks were introduced, many establishments locked the accessible toilet themselves which meant that disabled people could only use the toilet on request. It also sometimes seemed to be the case that the key couldn’t be located by the staff member, or the person who had it wasn’t on duty that day. Fortunately, the introduction of the NKS meant disabled people could now use the toilet without having to ask someone if they could be let in.

I think the Radar key Is brilliant for those who suffer from weak bladders, or other bladder or bowl conditions, I think this key is a game changer for those who worry about their condition and weather there will be a toilet close to there location having the key helps make it one less thing to think about when planning an outing.

I really hope this helps you or someone you know

Here are some links that I found

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