The Compass Card

The Compass Card

Hi, I hope your all well, I wanted to do a post on something that I personally hadn't heard of before, which is also for the younger generation, but thought it would be a good one for people who know or have young disabled family and friends.

The Compass Card is for the ages of 0-25, it is aimed at young disabled people or individuals with special educational needs in Brighton and Hove or West Sussex.

The Compass Card can be used at lots of leisure venues to get discounts or special offers so it’s cheaper to have a day out.

They also have a Compass card app to give you all the latest offers.

To get a Compass Card you need to register on the ‘disability register’ for Brighton & Hove (Compass Brighton & Hove) or West Sussex (Compass West Sussex). To find out if you are eligible please go to

Also, on their site they have a part where if there is a place you would like to go but the Compass Card isn’t there yet you can let them know on their feedback form.

I think this is a brilliant idea for parents or carers to know about something that offers discounts or special offers it could be handy in school holidays ect.

I hope this information has helped you or someone you know; I know this post isn’t very long it was just something I came across and I just wanted to get it out there! For people who haven’t heard of it before.

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