The Blue Badge

Hi and welcome back, today we are talking about the Disabled Blue Badge.

There are so many thing’s that can help assist you if you have a disability yet so many people haven’t heard about them, it just reminds me of why I started doing this blog!

Let’s begin, the Blue Badge helps people get to the places that they need to go too. I think this is so important and not everyone knows that they are allowed to apply for the blue badge and I think that it’s important to share with everyone what you are allowed to get if your disabled or on some kind of living disability pay. It took me a while to learn that I could get a blue badge and this is what this blog is all about helping each other.

About the blue badge.

You can park your vehicle near to the place you want to go too and you can have a blue badge if you are the driver or the passenger.

You can park for free for as long as you want in disabled parking spaces unless it has signs saying you cannot park there at this time.

At pay and display parking meters on the street, you can also park on yellow lines up to 3 hours unless there is loading which means your not allowed to park there.

Places you can’t park for free or should check where you can display your badge

The City if Westminster

The City of London

The Royal Borough of Kensington

Parts of the London Borough of Camden

The Blue Badge dose not apply in car parks which are of street like supermarkets and hospitals and on private roads like airports.

Who can get the blue badge?

· Disability which means your unable to walk

· You have a disability where you have great difficulty walking from your car to where you need to go.

· If you have a disability where you could course harm to yourself while walking

· If you have a disability where it could lead you to course harm to others while you are walking

· If you are blind or on certain benefits

· You are on higher rate mobility for company in your disability living allowance

· If you became disabled while in the armed forces

· Children under 2 years of age with great difficulty in walking

There are others but please check the website which I’ll leave links for at the end of the post.

How to get a disabled blue badge

You need to contact your local council online or go in to your council and fill out a form which is about who you are and what your disability is.

You will also need to provide a passport photo and proof of your disability.

You will need to send in a form of ID to prove who you are and that you are from the UK.

Depending where you are living you might have to pay for your blue badge this should be £10-£20 shouldn’t be any more.

They may ask you to be assessed by a doctor or a health professional.

There website information is

Also, there is another page to check everything out which is

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hope that it has help someone or someone that you may know, I would love to hear your feedback or if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Take care and see you next week!

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