Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Hello, and welcome back.

As you know I have been trying to do some extra visits in the last couple of months just in case we go into lockdown again, (Which we are!) so that I don't get caught short again and have nothing to post. I'll be releasing a post once a month on the 1st of every month at 1 pm. For this post, we're lucky enough to be invited to go and visit Tangmere Military Aviation Museum which is based in Tangmere. (2020)

I went with my Dad Steve Duffin who did all the filming for me, I've personally never been to Tangmere Museum, so I was quite excited about visiting, So was my dad.

I also learned that my Grandad "John Duffin" severed in the army in the royal artillery. back in those days, you didn't get a choice if you wanted to go in the army you were called up. This is what my grandad did, he severed in Hongkong and worked on the search lights. then came home.

Now before I start,(yes I know I say it in every post) but please check websites before visiting to see what is still open and what isn't as it's affecting everyone differently.

So Tangmere Military Aviation Museum has had a few things that have had to be changed to enable visits to continue, as has everywhere, but before I list some of the things's not in use at this time, I would like to say that everyone who works here our all volunteers, which means that staffing levels do get effected because of COVID-19.

Thing's that have changed or been put in place

*you MUST book in advance

*you must wear a face covering, while in buildings unless you're exempt

(will leave a link if at the end if you need an exemption card)

* Access to the cockpits

*Flight simulators

*Audio guides

*Touch screen

*Access to the air-raid shelter

*Access to the memorial garden

*The NAFFI tearoom

*Museum shop

They have reduced their pricing at this time as well, please feel free to bring your own wheelchair, If you do need to hire one, they ask you to book in advance so they can have it ready for you.

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

As you arrive at Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, you will notice that there

are signs for direction on the roads, as you arrive it's all clearly marked out and easily accessible, the car-park is all one level and there is disabled parking.

You are also able to get a bus from Chichester No.52 which will stop the directory outside the Museum.

All of the Museum's layout is one level and wheelchair friendly.

The only thing I can say is not wheelchair accessible are the simulators.

when you arrive at the car park if it's busy you will be met by a member of the staff to greet you and direct you where to park.

There is so much to see and listen and interact with here, so much information, they offer audio guides when COVID-19 isn't about and tours,

From experience, I would personally like to say talk to the staff they know what they are talking about and are hidden gems as they can share so much more information and makes your visit come alive.

When we visited we were lucky enough to talk to Charles Hutcheon (Curator) who was full of interesting information and allowed us to film and take pictures where the public is not currently allowed because of Covid-19 so we are able to share with you what there is extra to see and do when things aren't as limited, we had such a lovely visit the fact they are all volunteers they are doing brilliant work and have so much passion in what they are doing which I think makes your visit come more alive as you walk around.

I have left some photos of my visit but not too many!

I hope you enjoy your visit as much as we did.

you can hire a wheelchair if needed but you will need to pre-book, and if you are able please bring your own.

The Museum will be closed to the public from 1st November 2020 until the 31st of January

From the Tangmere website:

To comply with our COVID-Secure procedures, all visitors must pre-book a time slot for one of two daily sessions:

Morning- 10 am - 1 pm or

Afternoon from 2 pm- 5 pm


Admission prices

Adults: £6.00

Children: £3.00

Payment will be taken on arrival at the museum by credit/ debit card only

No concessions

*Children (16 or under) must be accompanied by an adult.

Face Coverings

Government regulations require visitors to wear face coverings within the Museum Buildings (from 8th August 2020)


Only assistance dogs are permitted in the Museum buildings. all dogs are allowed in the grounds and picnic area.




I made this vlog at the end of 2020 and decided to release it in January as they close over Christmas and thought it would be nice to release as they reopen if you haven't please try and make a visit there is so much information there and things to see and do, and the staff are amazing, talk to the volunteers they have so much knowledge to share with you.

I hope you enjoy your visit there and enjoy the vlog and blog that I'm sharing with you.

I would just like to say a big thank you for your support and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Take care

Rarars Adventures.

In loving memory of Grandad John (John Duffin) 18.October 1932 - 13.May 2004

Here is the link to watch on youtube


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