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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hi all, hope your enjoying your weekend.

I wanted to do a post on something a little different today, but something I think is important and could help a lot of people, who are like me there disability is not visible.

some of you might of heard of it, some of you may of not.

So, I want to introduce to you something called a Sunflower Lanyard.

I only heard of it last month from a friend who came across it and shared it with me.

So the Sunflower Lanyard is what it says it's a green Lanyard with Sunflower's on it which is for people with hidden disabilities.

I went on

To find out more information to share with you.

I found quite a bit if information, I thought would be worth sharing

(quote from rnib site)

"If you have a disability that may not be immediately obvious but would appreciate support from staff in UK airports, certain railways, supermarkets or visitor attractions, then you may be interested to know there is a Lanyard you can wear to signal this.

The Lanyard, which is entirely voluntary for people with hidden disabilities and their families, acts as a discreet sign for staff that additional support or help of required.

The hidden disabilities lanyard is also called the "Sunflower Lanyard" because of its appearance.

Once you get one, it is yours to keep and use for future travels, shopping trips and outings when the scheme is recognised.


In 2016, Gatwick launched the first-of-its-kind lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities who may require additional support when travelling through the airport.

For instance, by wearing the lanyard at Gatwick or other major Uk airports, you could receive support with

* Getting more time to prepare at check in and security

*Getting a more comprehensive briefing on what to expect as you travel through the airport

*Staff assisting with reading a departure board sign


The lanyard scheme is gradually being adopted by railways.

It is now being used by LNER, which operates the London North Eastern routes in East London and South Essex.

Super Markets

The Lanyard is being trialled by two major supermarkets ,Sainsburys and is running an extended trail at 40 branches following a successful test at it's Barnstaple store, while Tescos is running trail in 15 of its Herefordshire stores.

Visitor Attractions

In August 2019, Eureka! A children's museum in Yorkshire joined the lanyard scheme. If your planning a visit to Eureka! they have lots of information on accessible visits on there website.

The Royal International Air Tattoo, which stages air shows in Gloucestershire for aircraft enthusiasts, is another attraction currently trailing the lanyard."

So there is a little about the Lanyard!

So how do we get a Lanyard?

Well good Question! If your going to the airport anytime soon, you can call before going, and they can give you one when you arrive or you can ask at the assistance desk when you arrive.

Railways, again same thing you can call at customer services, or ask at the station booking offices.

Supermarkets, if your local store is running the trail then you can go to customer services and ask, or if your store isn't running the trail you can email Tescos or Sainsburys and they will send one through the post.

( This is what I did, I emailed Tescos and they sent 2 out very quickly they were very good.)

Alternatively, you can purchase the lanyard from hidden disabilities stores.

"This initiative is being supported by RNIB and other charities including Alzheimer's society, the National Autistic Society and Action on hearing loss."

I really hope this has helped someone or someone you know, like I said at the start I wasn't aware of this until last month when a friend told me, so I hope by sharing this, it will help you and others with Invisible Disabilities.

thank you for reading.

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