Southwater Park

Hi, guy’s, hope you are all well and not getting to stressed with Christmas only a few days away now!

So, I went to visit Southwater park last sunday with my husband, the reason we decided to go there was, well you could say childhood memories,

When I was a lot younger my Nan and Grandad lived in Southwater, and I remember being taken there as a child to walk the dogs, or just for a nice walk.

Sadly, they are no longer with us, but I think of them all the time, so that's why we went there, and to see how much it had changed ,and what it was like now ,and if it was even there anymore.

Which it was of course, or I wouldn’t be doing this post right now!

It brought back some lovely memory’s, but it has changed loads since I was a kid.

So, lets talk about Southwater Park! Southwater park is just of the main road, but is clearly sign posted when driving, I’ll leave the address at the end of my post.

There are car parking areas, the main car park that you first come across on the main road has a 2 meter barrier, so please be aware of this, my husband drives a van and wasn’t able to fit under the barrier , and we didn’t know that there was more car parking in the actual park so we parked across the road on the street.

It wasn’t till later once we came home, that I looked up about Southwater park ,and learnt that there was more parking down Cripplegate lane, which is also next to the visitors centre,

When you enter the park from the main car park, there are signs and footprints to follow to get to the Dinosaur island, so It only seemed right to follow the footprints to see where they lead!

To my surprise it led to a large park with lots of different things to do, climbing a high walkway, and lots of other things, made me wish I was a kid again it looked really fun.

As we carried on walking round there are lots of places to stop and sit down, and then you come across a big lake, which also has a part where it’s been parted to act as a small beach for the summer months which was something a little different.

We decided to sit down there to have a little break, We were going to carry on but sadly one of my dogs has hurt her paw and started limping ,so we didn’t have any choice but to turn around and go back, which sadly meant we couldn’t visit the rest of the park. I have found out what they offer though, and we plan to go back in the summer months when my baby girl is better of course.

But from what I did see it seemed like a good place to visit and even spend the day there in the warmer weather as they have lots to offer.

So, at Southwater park they have a Visitors Centre, a café and they also offer water sports which sounds exciting. And of course, they have the Dinosaur park for the children. the park also attracts a lot of birds, which are always lovely to see.

You can visit their web site to see what other things they offer, they do have disabled parking and disabled toilets.

There dog walking policy

Between April and September, all dogs’ owners must keep dogs on leads in Southwater country park this is to protect the local wildlife and is in the intrest of other users of the park as well as for the dog’s own safety.

The café has a dog bowl outside and sells dog treats.

There web site is

and their address is

Cripplegate lane, Southwater, Horsham, RH13 9UN

Contact number: (01403) 731218

I’m sorry this post isn’t long but as we weren’t able to do a full visit I don’t want to share false information, but I hope what you did read you enjoyed!

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