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Hi guy’s welcome back hope your all having a good week.

So, I’ve been busy researching different things to share with you all and I found this one on social media and thought it was to important not to do a post about it.

As you know from reading my blog before I got ill, I used to work in care work so this story really hit home and i just thought it was such a brilliant idea I needed to share it.

This week’s post is about Shoes with GPS inside them. Yes, you read right shoes with GPS, why? Well let me tell you .

People caring for those who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s will fully understand that it’s hard enough looking after a loved one who is Ill, never mind the stress and worry that goes with it if they go missing or they go for a wonder with out knowing what they are doing and where they are going. Sadly this is a regular occurrence and many times a frightening one for all those involved.

But this Japanese company have done something amazing they have designed this GPS system that goes into there shoes which is great as systems like smart phones or watches are easy to forget when going out but they normally remember to put there shoes on before leaving because they believe at that time that they are going somewhere important to them so therefore they need there shoes on. This is where the GPS in the shoe comes in to its own. Once they have put there shoes on and gone for there walk or wonder and the family member or carer notices that they have gone missing all they need to do is to look on there phone to locate where they are from the GPS readings which also shows you on a map on your phone or laptop there pin point location at that time which means that you can go and find them and bring them home with out having to get involved the emergency services or friends and family.

I have taken a quote from the web page that I found this information on

“The Wish Hiss Company has devised a highly innovative device, hoping to help the elderly who suffer from senile dementia or Alzheimer’s to find their way home or it would be better to say, to allow them to be found by a family member.

It is well known that elderly people suffering from this unrelenting disease do not use smart phones or watches, completely losing their awareness of time and space.

However, there is one thing that elderly cannot do without normally, their shoes! This is why the Japanese company has thought of creating shoes with GPS inside that can locate an elderly person who is lost. The GPS will send a notification to the smartphone of a relative who will be able to locate the elderly person through a map that can be viewed directly on the smart phone or on a computer.

The device is designed to send notifications when the elderly person moves 165ft (50m), 328 (100m) or 1640ft (500m) away from home. In this way, we hope to reduce the instances of “lost grandparents” or other elderly family members.”

I think this is such an amazing story and so important for people to read I love it; I hope that you enjoyed reading about it to.

Thank you for reading please feel free to leave comments at the end and hope to see you Sunday.

This is the link! If you would like to read their story.

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