Hi, hope your all doing well, so I wanted to share this with you before I start, once a month I’ll share one of the bigger day’s out that I do. I.e Arundel Castle.

The reason I only do one of these a month at this time is because of two reasons, one it’s an all day event so therefor it takes it out of me, once I’ve done the day out I have to admit it takes me 2 to 3 days to recover. The second reason which is also important is funding I don’t get paid for doing this, so I’m using my own money which like everyone we don’t have much of, so it’s a treat in a way. I just felt I needed to share with you why I’m only able to do this once a month during the other times I find local places to visit that are cheap or free entry and take less time to go round to visit.

At some point in the future things might change but this is what I will be doing for now. It's just something that I felt was important to share with you.

Now I have said that this month’s topic was the Sea Life Centre, I wasn’t too sure on this, as firstly it was in Brighton and secondly I knew it would be busy, but with the support of family I did go. Also I have to admit I'm a big kid at heart and a massive fan of Dory and Nemo, so was excited to meet them!

So before going it might be a good idea to check on their website to see if they have any events on, also they offer cheaper discount if you buy online.

(Don’t worry I’ll be leaving all the links at the bottom of the page for you!)

I have been to the Sea Life centre before but never to do a blog about it and I haven’t been there in a few years, so this was a nice treat.

We got there about midday on a Saturday, so we were expecting it to be busy which it was but not too over crowed, there was space to move.

When you first arrive if you have driven there you need to find somewhere to park. There is road parking along the beach but when we arrived there was some kind of event going on, and they had blocked the road off so we had to go and park elsewhere, we managed to find more road parking close to the sea life but there is a main car park not far where you can park but because we had a blue badge we were able to park on double yellow lines for three hours.

Once we had found parking we then walked over and there are two entrances into the Sea Life Centre you have the main entrance which is down quite a few steps it does have hand rails if you are able to walk down or you can walk a little further on to the sea front which is sign posted and there is a ramp leading down on to the beach then through a small tunnel to the main entrance of the Sea Life centre.

(I will leave pictures to show you the stairs leading down and the ramp at the bottom of the page!)

Once you arrive at the entrance there are two doors one says buy tickets one says prepaid tickets so whether you have pre ordered or not depends on which side you line up at. also while waiting in the line there are a couple of things to take pictures off where you put your face in so you look like your a shark or turtle which is always fun to do while waiting!

Once entering you walk through and there are a couple of tables with things on for the kids or adults to pick up and use while walking around. You follow the walkway to the next part where if you choose to you can have your picture taken as a souvenir of your visit there ( you do have to pay for the photos).

Then you go through another set of doors this is also where the toilets are based these are the only toilets in the building for visitors so if you need to go make sure you do!

Then you begin your journey through to visit all the different kinds of amazing sea life animals which are truly amazing not something you see every day!

Halfway through the first part is a café, so if you need to rest and have a drink and something to eat you can before moving on through.

This part is wheelchair accessible there is a step to all the tanks so children can see closer, but you are still able to get close enough to be able to see.

The only parts that are restricted for wheelchairs is The Ocean viewing area and the Glass bottom boat, as its only accessible via stairs, this is because the building is a grade 2 listed building, so they are restricted on any structural changes.

Personally, I don’t think this is too bad as you are still able to go through the ocean tunnel which makes you feel like you are surrounded by all the fish and sharks instead of just looking down on them. I think this is a brilliant experience.

This place can get busy so if someone you are with or you yourselves have trouble with noise or crowds please bare this in mind. If you have or no someone and who likes to use headphones to manage the noise I would maybe advise you take them just in case as it is busy and can get crowed and noisy.

FUN FACTS (quotes from sea life website)

Did you know?

“Brighton Aquarium was conceived and designed by Eugenius Birch; the architect responsible for the West Pier. The work began in 1869 and was opened in 1869.”

“During the war when the war started the aquarium was requisitioned by the RAF as Brighton and Hove was heavily targeted by the Germans!”

“from 1970-1991 the aquarium became a dolphinarium and hosted regular dolphin and seal shows.

Whilst initially popular, changing public opinions on dolphins in captivity changed their cramped conditions increasingly came under fire in the 80’s”

“Sea life in 1991 sea life brought the aquarium and rehabilitated and released the dolphins back in to the wild. It then set about on a 1.5 million restoration.”

The sea life is part of a charity called the sea life trust Marine protected areas, sustainable seafood, plastic pollution and improved protection for Sharks, Seahorses, Turtles and marine mammals.

Last year they raised over 300,000 globally to support the trust projects and organisations, protecting Sharks, Rays, Turtles, Whales Dolphins Seahorses’ Otters, Penguins and many other creatures.

You can learn more about Sea Life Trust in the link below

as you carry on walking through there is a lot to see and interact with, some of the parts have quite low lighting, so please be aware of this if you or someone you are visiting with is hard of seeing. There is a link you can go on to check there accessibility which may help you plan your visit more depending on your needs.

They also hold lots of different events and it is always worth checking their website before going, they have a couple coming up soon which are -

Ascarium 19th -3rd Nov 2019

Halloween Spook fest see their sea witch mermaid dive show which is 12th and 13th October 2019

There contact information is as follows-

Website –


Telephone number – 08712266770

Address – SEA LIFE Brighton

Marine parade


East Sussex


I really enjoyed doing this post, you can let your inner child come out to play! and really hoped that you enjoyed reading it. I would love to hear from you on your feedback, if you would like to ask any questions or if there is somewhere you would like to go but are unsure of let me know.

Thank you for reading!

Tara Roberts

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