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Rustington Village Information Center & Rustington Museum

Hi and welcome back, I hope you are all well and that you had a good Christmas and New Year!

So this week we where lucky enough to go and visit Rustington Museum.

But this time we did something a little different, we did our first vlog!!! So now you can watch our visits to new and exciting places. We are hoping to now do more Vlog's as well as blogs as we feel this will be more friendly for all disability's. Of course there might be some times when we are not allowed to do recording depending on the location so it will be just in a Blog form but we are going to try and avoid this if we can.

So, I hope that you will keep on supporting us on our adventures.

So, as I said this is a vlog/blog but I will leave all contact details at the end and any other information that needs to be left.

To watch the vlog just follow the link over to You Tube, don't be shy and leave a comment or question and share with family and Friends! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Thank you.

Rustington Museum:

Rustington Museum is a new build, built last year, there was another place which they tried which was the other end of Rustington by the Lamb pub, which was in an old style building. But as far as I no it was very small and was not completely disabled friendly. I might be wrong , but I have to admit that I didn't visit that location.

The new Museum build seems to be a lot more disabled friendly.

The new Museum is based behind Morrison's in the car park, where you are allowed to park for 3 hours with a blue badge or a parking disk if you haven't got a blue badge. Please bare in mind that you are not allowed to return within 2 hours from when you leave even if you haven't been parked there for the 3 hours. There are disabled parking bays and a drop/collect point if you come by taxi or are dropped of by other means.

As you walk into Rustington Museum you walk though automatic doors into the information center and are welcomed by a member of staff.

There you can find out what is going on locally and what different activity's are being held at the centre. They also have a community hall where they hold different clubs and activity's like Zumba, yoga ect... You can also hire the hall out for events.

The building has two public toilets and one disabled toilet with a call alarm inside and all the toilets are uni sex.

Leading in to the Museum its-self the door is manual but there is always a member of staff to assist you if you need help opening the door if in a wheel chair or have a buggy or if you just struggle with doors in general.

Once you are in the Museum you will notice that there are chairs dotted around but if you know that there is a group of you going who may need seating you can call them before going and they will make sure that there are extra chairs out to support your needs.

The Museum is all on one level and easily accessible for wheel chairs and buggy's and there is enough room to easily move around the whole Museum freely.

They have lots to interact with around the Museum for children and adults and you can pick a passport up before you start to help with children and adults to become more involved and interested which I thought was quite a fun idea.

There is so much information at Rustington Museum and lots of history to learn about WW1 and WW2, if your in the area I would go and visit and it's free!!!

The Museum is founded by the National lottery and opened on the 31st October 2019.

You don't have to pay for entry but you can leave a donation to help support the running of the Museum.

Also before leaving you can sign the visitors book and leave a card saying what you enjoyed most about the Museum.

There opening times are

Monday - Saturday 09:00 till 5:00 pm

They close for lunch at 1:00 pm till 1:30 pm


There contact information:

phone number: (01903) 788478


Website: COMING SOON!!!

Address: Rustington Museum,

Samuel Wickens Centre,

Broadmark Lane Carpark

BN16 2NW

They currently don't have there website up and running at this time but you can visit

where you can find out what's going on at the Museum and Hall.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Rustington Museum and the Vlog if you went over to watch.

I look forward to seeing you all next week with more adventures! Take care.

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