Raysted Centre For Animal Welfare

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Visiting Raysted centre For Animal Welfare

Hi, hope you are all well, I’ve been busy out and about visiting some really fun and interesting places and today is all about the Raysted centre for animal welfare.

So this place is focused on all different animals, rescuing them and rehoming them ( Those animals that can't be re homed stay as residents).

But they have also opened it to the public so you can visit and interact with the animals.

Which is one off the reasons we decided to come along for a visit.

I went here with my sister as it was long distance, it’s just the other side of Lewis and we were both excited about meeting the animals .They offer lots of parking and it’s .

You are met at the entrance by a member of staff who gives you a map and they have a donation bucket here too it is free entry and the centre is supported by donations.

It’s mainly wheelchair friendly apart from one part which is the sanctuary as it’s very muddy and the ground is uneven.

But you can go along the outside behind the fence which is all hard standing.

If you are able to walk in the sanctuary I would do it, as me and my sister did you are greeted by a lot of geese and ducks and it’s a very different experience as we learnt, I have to say I have never walked with that amount of geese before I’ll leave pictures at the end also I did a small video, so you can experience how crazy it really is!

The rest of the place is completely wheelchair friendly, (I would advise wellies for the sanctuary it’s very muddy in there).

As you walk around there are different types of animals to meet and great including goat’s, donkeys, rabbits, horses, dog’s cats and so on……

There are disabled toilets and touch and sound interaction around the hole place, they also offer daily tours just call them in advance to double check as if they are low on volunteers they may not be able to do the tour on that day.

There is also a park there for the children to play on and lots of picnic tables and you’re allowed to take your furry animal freind along to just keep them on a lead! So there is something for the whole family.

They also offer drop in activities and behind the scenes tours which cost £20.

They also hold a lot of different events to help raise money to support all the work they are doing, helping and looking after these animals and giving the right care that they need.

They have a Halloween event coming up on the 02/11/19, as well as christmas events coming soon.

In the summer months they also do an outside Minnie theatre.

(please check there website for dates and times)

They also do Free activities at weekends


11:30am get to know the goats

12:30 Cattery tour

1:30 chicken meet and greet

2:30 Rabbitry tour


11:30 Tortoise/terrapin talk (March- October)

Sanctuary Safari (November-February)

12:30 Donkey meet and greet

1:30 get to know the kennel dogs

2:30 meet our exotic birds

For more information visit their website on visitor information.

(I will leave all the links at the end!)

They also have school trips come here to learn and nursing home days out as well.

They have a lot to offer and are doing an amazing job! They have a gift shop and a café as well.

They have some beautiful animals that need a new home so if you or someone yourknow is looking for a new pet come along here and you might find your new best friend And their adoption fees are low!

I would say if your doing all the activities they offer you could spend the whole day here but if you’re not I would say its a half day trip depending on the time of year, we spent a couple of hours there.

So when we went there we asked about some of the animals that need a new home we decided that we would choose the two that have been there the longest, (If I could I would have them all, all shapes and sizes but unfortunately I don’t have the space or the money) So, I wanted to do my bit to try and help these two. So, the first one is

Sparkle who is a beautiful cat who is super nervous and needs a new home she is 2 years old and is a female she isn’t used to people so would be better as an outdoors cat in a stables or small holding. She has been sprayed and chipped and looking for a home quickly as she isn’t happy at the moment. Can you help!

The next animal we chose who has been there for ages, is Zak, is a Staff /ball male and 5 years old.

“Hi there, my name is Zak and I'm super energetic and friendly! I've been a bit of a celebrity in trying to find my forever home, featuring on channel 4, and did meet a female dog but she was too worried by me, even though I tried to kiss her! I think I might be better as the only dog and then maybe I could have a friend in the future once I'm a bit more settled in a home. Zak is a very smart, high energy dog that will require a home used to his breed. He will require a home with a large, secure garden as is an athletic dog. He will need a mentally stimulating home as well as physical. He is social with other dogs, likes to kiss them and is boisterous in play. Zak has lived with children, can be boisterous so advise older children, confident and used to energetic dogs! He is not suited to live with cats. House trained and fine left for short periods. Seems to travel fine. Zak is a very fun, affectionate boy who staffie lovers will adore.”

Quoted from Raysted site.

So, if you know anyone who might be able to help these to lovely animals and give them a loving forever home contact them by phone

On (01825) 840252

Or email them at : info@raystede.org

Contact & address

Visiting Raysted Centre for Animal Welfare

The Broyle, B2192, Lewes BN8 5AJ


Opening hours 10am 4pm

Phone number (01825) 840252

Email- info@raystede.org

Website – https://www.raystede.org/

Thank you for reading!

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