public toilet update!

Hello, welcome back!

Thing's are starting to open up again which is good news for everyone!

I'm sure that as thing's are opening and we all go out to explore we all know that the time will come when we need the all important toilet! So I thought I would share with you this exciting yet important information.

so Google have released all the public toilets that are currently open that you can use! I know I plan my visits around toilets that I can use as I have such a week bladder and I believe I'm not alone with this condition and people with other conditions where we have to plan our visits around the toilets! It's quite important information if you are visiting a new location knowing where the nearest toilet is so I'm sharing this link with you that will show you all the toilets that are currently open to the public. I also believe you can share information on this link if you find toilets open that aren't currently on the map, so we are all helping each other.

I really hope this helps, I know that now I know this information that I'll be using it to plan any visits that I do, which won't be just yet we need to wait until we are allowed to be in the same car as safety is really important so until then We will keep you updated!

Also I would like to say a big thank you again for all your support and staying with me through these hard times.

Here is the link I was talking about

You can also follow them on Twitter @LockdownLoo

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