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Hi everyone hope you are all well I just wanted to let you no that I'm now doing a daily vlog's on my personal experience with living with pain and daily struggles also interacting with everyone to connect and hopefully learn from each other different ways of managing our pain and mental health ect. I'll be going live on Facebook, and also sharing on You Tube, You Tube wont be live but you can still leave comments which I will be reading and answering the following morning. Until I have more Subscribers, then I'll be able to go live on You Tube as well as FaceBook. So the links are below so why not check out today's vlog, I'll be doing this daily at 10:30 every morning. I hope to see you there!


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Susie update

Hello, hope your all haven a nice week end I thought I'd give you a little update on Susie she is cancer free and recovering lovely, she is allowed to have the stitches out next Friday, bless her she

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