Paradise Park

Welcome back to Rarars Adventures.

This month we went to visit Paradise Park which is based in Newhaven East Sussex.

Paradise Park is a little different from what we normally go and visit as it's a garden centre with a little extra!

The Garden Centre offers all the normal things you would find as well as Pets and Aquatics, but they also have the following

Paradise Park also offers

* Planet Earth Museum

* Heritage trail and Gardens

* Play Zone

They also offer

*Schools and education

*group bookings

* Birthday Parties

* Events

So our Vlog is mainly based on Planet Earth Museum and Heritage trail and gardens and play Zone. not the garden centre.

Planet Earth Museum

We started in the Planet Earth Museum (which I would like to add I felt like a big kid)

it's all on flat ground which makes it accessible for people in wheelchairs and children in buggies, which is always a good start it's quite loud with the different noises so if you're taking someone who doesn't like loud noises and normally wears noise defenders I would definitely advise you take them with you, better to be safe than sorry I always say!

it can be a little dark in some places but you are never far from light and can see all the exits clearly.

some of the walkways are a little narrow but you could get a wheelchair though I think I didn't have one with me we did see someone who managed fine.

There are lots of things to interact with to keep you and the whole family busy and entertained.

The Planet Earth

The Planet Earth part is all undercover so no need to worry if it's raining (like it was when we went.)

As you go through to the Heritage trail and gardens there is some seating so you can take a seat and catch your breath, there is no seating in the planet earth museum.

when going through the gardens it's beautiful and lots to look at and hearing the waterfalls are very calming and relaxing, so if you get a panicky moment I'd take a seat and just listen to the water (this is something I also experience a couple of times and I did find it relaxing and helped me come out of my panic attack)

The Play Zone

Wow, just Wow, I really did wish I was a kid at this point or have children so I could play!

there is an inside part and an outside part.

The inside is really good, lots of different activities that the children can get up to, there is a massive soft play area for the older children to play in and there is a small soft area for the little children to play, there are also staff dotted about and watching to make sure everyone is safe.

Again it's a very noisy area so don't forget ear defenders for those that might need them, unfortunately there are no rides that are wheelchair friendly, when I say rides there were only about 4 and they were mainly for the under 5's.

There is also a small takeaway area where you can buy a coffee or a snack while the kids play.

Going outside there is again lots to do and there is seating dotted around ,

There is crazy golf which we had a go at, and then there are a couple of play areas for the children to play in, lots of things to climb and monkey around on.

There is also a miniature train that goes around but you will need to check their website to see when this is running I know when we went it was not running so think it's because of covid restrictions.

Once you have finished looking around the park, you can go around the gardens which also have hidden treats which I'll leave for you to find out , there is so much to do and see at Paradise Park, I think you could easily spend a day there, and don't forget that you have the garden centre, which is where you can find the big café with plenty of seating, they also have disabled toilets here, the other disabled toilets are in the car park,


we had an amazing day at Paradise Park Gardens and would like to say a massive thank you for letting us pop along to visit and share with others what to expect while visiting.

You can watch the video of our visit by following the link below.

I leave all the opening times and prices down below.

I was going to put about Covid but as things keep changing it would be safer to check their website out as this may change regularly. Also, there is disabled car parking so don't forget to take your blue badge.


Individuals (3-60 years ) £9.99

Family of 3+ £8.99 each

Senior Citizen (60 years +) £ 8.99

Free next-day entry on all-day park pass admissions after 4 pm (with signature on receipt)

Amusement tokens 25p each

Golf £1.00

Train rides £1.00

Local and maritime museums free entry with a pass when open.

April - October

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 11:00 am - 4 pm

November - March

Please ask for opening times

Annual Part Pass

Free unlimited admission for a whole year at a single price.

Annual Individual park pass (from 3 years) £29.99

Amusement tokens £0.25 each

Golf £1.00

Train Rides £1.00

I was going to put about Covid but as things keep changing it would be safer to check their website out as this may change regularly.

Opening Times

Visitor Attractions and retail areas

Monday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Tuesday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Wednesday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Thursday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Friday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Saturday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Sunday 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

The coffee shop at paradise park

November- February

Daily 09:00 -17:00

March- October

Daily 09:00-17:30

Closed Christmas Day and Boxing day

Local and Maritime Museum

Free entry with park pass when open


Weekends14:00- 17:00

Tuesdays - Friday 14:00- 16:00

November - March

Please ask for openings.

Paradise Park

Avis Rd, Newhaven BN9 0DH

Contact Paradise Park the following ways

phone number: 01273 512123



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