Occupational Therapy

Hi, welcome back to Rarars Adventures post, this week I wanted to talk a little more about OT’s what they are? When to contact them? How to contact them?

As I have been talking about them a little bit in my last post and videos.

What is an OT? OT stands for Occupational Therapy they often work with people with Mental health problems, Disabilities, Injuries or Impairments.

They can offer all kinds of thing’s from helping you live your life as fully and as independently as possible, so they can visit you in your home, school,or work environment and give you tools to help with your everyday living.

They also help when you are living at home with an illness or disability (this is what I was talking about on my last post) that they come in to your home to assess your needs, and put in place things that will help you around the home so your able to live more independently.

For example, the bath/shower bench, toilet seat, perching stool ect.

If you are in your own home and able to, then you can contact them direct and speak to them on the phone, and they will organize a time to call to arrange a date to come out and visit your home.

When to contact them?

When should you contact an OT? Well this all depends on you, and your own situation really, as I said before if you are in hospital, they will assist with this. If you are at home and you feel that you are struggling with your day to day activities because of your illness, disability, or for another reason for example struggling to get in and out of the bath, having falls, struggling getting in to your home, things like this then it would probably be the right time to contact them, or go and talk to your health care professional, which ever you think is best for you at the time.

How to contact an OT? (occupational therapist)

How to contact them? Well you can visit your local health care professional and let them contact the OT on your behalf. Or you can contact them direct by visiting your local council website, which you can find on Google.

Or if you are looking for a private one you can look for recommendations online, or again speak to your health care professional and ask for advise and they should be able to help you find one.

So, this is just a little information on what an OT is and what it stands for and some of what they offer.

I’ll leave some links at the bottom so that you can have a look for your self’s.

Obviously this is from personal experience i just wanted to share with you a little as I kept talking about OT’s.

So do make sure you do your own research as well if you would like to know more about what they offer and do.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today's post on OT’s and it has answered some of your questions.




Thank you for reading!

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