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Good afternoon thank you for joining me, I hope you are all well, I just wanted to say sorry that I haven't release a vlog this week yet, it's still hard for me to move around with my broken toes, I'm doing my best and plan on doing one before the end of the week!

I wanted to ask some questions in the mean time if you dont mind! you can leave your answers in the comments below it would be interesting to see what the answers say !

  1. How has your mental health be affected by covid 19?

  2. How did you think the government managed with everything regarding keeping the public safe?

  3. If you are disabled and receive care or some kind of support do you think you got the right support? If not not what do you feel they could of done better?

  4. What are your main concerns now things are starting to be more relaxed?

  5. Do you think anything should be done differently at this time? And why?

Thank you for answering these questions it would be nice to see some feedback on what members of the public views are on this topic.

None of your answers will be posted anywhere else just on the web site , it's more of a case to start up a conversation so that you can share how you are feeling on the matter! And have your say.

Thank you again for all your support, I'll see you soon take care and keep safe everyone.

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