Littlehampton Seafront

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So, my last post was about Harbour Park and I mentioned a little bit about the access to both the sea and the river from Harbour Park, so thought I would go in to a little more detail about this as quite a few of you were interested in this.

Littlehampton beach is over a mile long and it is a sand and pebble/shingle beach.

when the tide is out there is more sand, but when the tide is in there is more pebbles which makes it harder to walk on (for me anyway).

When the tide is in though you do have the lovely promenade to walk along.

The start of Littlehampton beach has a small light house and pier, which is located near the life guard hut, then there is a ramp leading on to the beach, which you can use if you are in a wheelchair or have a pushchair. There are also toilets this end which are located just behind the small row of shops and eateries.

The toilets consist of a male and female block, and a separate disabled toilet which you do need a RADER key for. Also located at the block of toilets is an outside shower free to use to rinse yourself off after having fun at the beach.

Back on the seafront along the promenade is a small row of places to eat and drink, an ice cream place, as well as a seaside gift shop to buy your bucket, spades and souvenirs.

If you decide to take a walk along the promenade, there is a large field on your right which you can let your dogs off on, the reason I say this is because depending on the time of year of your visit there is a no dogs allowed on the beach rule, these dates are from the 1st May till 30th September and dogs must be kept on a lead along the promenade. As you walk along just passed the field there is a play park for the kids before reaching the East Beach Café, which is a lovely place to stop at after having a little stroll.

(If you have your fluffy friends with you they also sell doggy ice cream)

East Beach Café is all on one level so it is wheel chair friendly and has disabled toilets. There is also a sitting area outside. (If you would like more information on East Beach Café pop along to there web site for more details,

Also, just behind East Beach Café is a car park with disabled bays.

There is also a car park just before you reach the field, along the sea front.

During the Summer months there is also a little train that will take you from the life guard hut to East Beach Café. (This is unsuitable for wheel chairs and buggy’s as far as I know.)

Back to the light house end of the beach you also have the Harvester restaurant if you fancy having a bite to eat. (which is also wheel chair and buggy friendly)

The Littlehampton river is also lovely to walk along. It’s all one level and there are ramps down on to the road if you fancy visiting the Oyster pond, where you can hire a boat and enjoy the fresh air (only operating during the main summer months) or look in the shops along the river side and have fish and chips watching the boats come in.

Or follow the river and you will then enter Littlehampton town, if you fancy doing a little high street shopping.

All these places are wheelchair friendly, and guide dog friendly.

I hope this helps when planning your visit to Littlehampton Seaside.

Thank you for reading!

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