Littlehampton museum

Updated: Sep 3, 2019


So, the first place I went to visit was Littlehampton Museum.

They are based just outside the town of Littlehampton, just of the carpark.

There is parking and disabled parking available to, just in front of the Museum.

I found the location of the Museum quite easy to find. At the entrance there are stairs and a ramp to the main door . Also there are handrails along side if you need them.

The lady behind the counter was very friendly and helpful, there admissions are FREE to everyone and run by the local counciel WSCC.

I couldn’t see a sign for toilets, so I asked, they said they do have toilets and a disabled toilet if needed. (But you do need to ask) They also offer ( AFILs) or hearing loops.

They have school trips to visit to learn about the history with displays ranging from fossils and archaeology to maritime history and the war years.

They also offer a borrow box which at first, I didn’t understand until she explained it to me,

And I must admit I think this is a brilliant idea! they let nursing homes borrow this box with bits from the museum to help them remember and talk about the old days.

I think this place is a good place to visit and is disabled friendly, and is a relaxed environment , so if your ever in the area I would definitely go and have a visit, also at different times of the year they hold different events so always worth checking there website to see what they have going on.

there website address is

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