Lewes Castle

Lewes Castle

Sorry it's a little late!

Hi, hope you are all well today. So if you have been reading my blog you will see that we visited Raysted which was in Lewes, after we had visited Raysted we thought as we where all the way in Lewes that we would make the most of it and see what else we could go and visit.

And we found a Castle in Lewes! So, it only felt right to go and investigate.

When we first arrived because we hadn’t been there before, we did struggle to find it as it’s nicely tucked away just off the high street. There is parking signed posted so that wasn’t’ too bad.

I didn’t know anything about this place as this was a last minuet decision, but I was glad we came along.

Once you find the building, there is an information and ticket office that you go in to first, and also with in that building there is a museum which do have stairs so unfortunately not wheelchair friendly. Which is a shame as it has quite a lot about the history in there and different things to interact with. Also, before you start you can down lode there Lewes Castle audio guide on your phone to listen to as you walk around for free.

When you have paid to get in you are given a fob which will allow in into the castle grounds, which you walk over to once you are ready to explore, once you are through the gate you just post the fob into a box which is just by the bench. The bench also has an audio which tells you about the ground that you are standing in.

There is a lot of stairs here! But there is a lot of seating as well, the garden is very sweet with different thing’s plotted around to read and interact with.

Then there are two sides of the castle to visit, one on the left and one on the right, we went to the left side first as we saw this on our way in and looked interesting. As you enter there are again things to interact with, and there are quite a few steps to clime but once you get to the top it’s completely worth it the views are beautiful, you can see for miles.

When you go across to the other side there are a lot more steps to climb but there is seating along the way so that you can rest, while going up.

Again, it’s very pretty! As you will see in the photos that I will leave at the end.

So, this place has lots to offer with some breath-taking views, and things to see and do, if your close buy I would drop in for a visit.

They also offer groups tours, and you can even get married on the castle grounds which is amazing!

It is a shame it isn’t more wheelchair friendly, but at the same time you can understand with the age of the building and location how that might be hard to adapt,

A little bit about the Castle.

“The building of Lewes Castle by the Norman William de Warenne, began soon after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

De Warenne was a close ally of William the Conqueror. The Castle was continually developed during the Medieval period and the impressive Barbican was added in the 14th century.

The top of the castle offers a stunning panoramic view of the Sussex Countryside, all the way from the North Downs, through the river valley and down to the coast.

The adjoining museum is home to the richest collection of archaeological artefacts in Sussex from early pre-history, through the Roman and Saxon invasions and up to the Medieval period. There is an excellent 3D model and film presentation which tells the story of the development of Lewes through time.” Quoted from ANNE of CLEVES HOUSE Museum & Gardens Leaflet

Opening times

Lewes Castle is open daily from 10:00am till 5:30pm last admission is at 5:00pm.

And 3:15pm between November and February it opens at 11:00am on Sundays and Monday and bank holidays. It’s closed on Christmas and boxing day and New Year’s Day.

Anne of Cleves House Museum opening times

1st February to 30th November open daily 10.00am- 5.00pm (seasonal variations) 11.00am opening on Sundays, Mondays, & bank holidays, (The House may be closed at some times for private hire)

Admission prices Lewes castle Anne of Cleves Combined

Adult £8.20 £6.30 £13.00

Student/senior (65+) £7.40 £6.00 £12.00

Child 5-17 (under 5’s go free) £4.50 £3.00 £7.00

Family (2+4) £22.00 £18.00 £34.00

Groups (15 or more)

Adult/student/senior £7.20 £5.40 £11.50

Child £4.00 £3.10 £6.50

FREE admission for carers for disabled. Sussex Archaeological Society members and reduced admission for English Heritage members.

As you can see there is prices for Anne of Cleves, and I haven’t put any information on this as we didn’t get time to visit this place as well so I’m unable to right about it. But if you have been there and done both I would love to here what it was like and how your experience was visiting there!

Contact information.

Lewes Castle & Museum of Sussex Archaeological,

169 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1YE

Tel (01273) 486290 Email: Castle@sussexpast.co.uk

Anne of Cleves House & Museum,

52 Southover High Street, Lewes East Sussex BN7 1JA

Tel: (01273) 474610 Email:


Parking there are pay and display carparks throughout Lewes



You can also become a member buy joining on line at :


Or you can call (01273) 405737 (Tuesday – Friday, 10.00am-3pm)

I hope you enjoyed reading about Lewes Castle! Thank you for reading

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