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Hi, guy's sorry I haven't been on for a while! It's been a interesting time with not being allowed out, and so I'm really missing doing my visit's.

I have always struggled with migraines and I found this app that records all the information of what is happening when you have a migraine location of the migraine and medication you take and they also share with you different tips that might help that you may not of tried before also you can share this information with the doctor so they can have a record of what is happening so I have only downloaded it this week and I'll keep you updated on how it goes. you can download it on android or iPhone and google.

It's quite simple to use and seams to have lot's of different tools to use even in the free part and if you pay you get a lot more I haven't use this option yet I wanted to see how it goes first and then decide from there! but so far so good! I also got to take it to the options to show them to help explain what type of mingrains I was haven which they said was helpful.

(Interesting information!)

I would love to here your feedback if you have tried it, or if you do download it let me know how you found it!

Personally I have got to say the app is really helpful and in depth I have also been telling my family and friends about it as well.

here are a couple pictures I have screen shot on my phone the first picture is what the app looks like and the second picture is some of the different things that they offer!

take care stay in and stay safe and will see you soon!!

don't forget to look and you tube at my latest vlogs !

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