How are you doing in lockdown?

Welcome back I hope you are all well.

I had a week off as we decided to decorate the house, so been busy which is nice but tiring at the same time.

I feel a lot of people have been doing this or doing the jobs that they have been putting of but since lockdown, the jobs are being done that we always put off.

how have you been finding lockdown? Do you find all the rules a little confusing I have to say that I'm finding them very confusing, and the latest news that we will have 5 days of over Christmas how is that working? is Covid going on holiday and leaving us? just so we can have Christmas? and then back? I really don't understand how this is working surly cases are going to spike if this happens?

What do you plan to do over Christmas? are you going to see family?

I think this year has changed in so many ways the way it has affected everyone people losing jobs, homes, family, their health mental health physical health. just everything has changed and it's scary not knowing when or if things will ever go back to the same. people in situations where they are in an abusive relationship not just adults but children as well! they won't get Christmas off or it may even get worse for them I hope it doesn't but it's the little things that make a big impact that makes it scary. Also what about the kids, how they are having to adapt, not seeing family and friends, exams, different school times different ways of doing things in schools mask, washing hands, staying in bubbles, etc.

The other thing is people's clubs or meetings people used to meet and talk doing, crafts, knitting, drama, book clubs, and many many more. (How are people coping without normal routine)

I'm no one important this is just my view on things and my opinion.

I think in times like these we need to pull together help each other,

But how?

Well, it's something I have been thinking about, as I have been struggling as well.

So these are my ideas that might or might not help others.

1. Pen pal- I remember doing this at school and enjoyed writing to my penpal and looked forward to receiving my letter back! what is stopping us from doing this? no, we can't visit family friends and neighbors but we can write a letter, what's different is it's not the same as an email because it's something that you have to do right pen and paper and posting it and waiting for a letter to come back it's some kind of hope something to look forward to and to focus on. I thought it was a nice idea and would share.

2. So we physically are unable to meet for groups, but what is stopping us from have a set time in the day, where we hold a group call invite everyone that you would normally meet with and have you're meeting together sharing knitting what book you read, ideas. It's a chance to meet discuss what you would normally talk about and something to look forward to. a focuses on.


Kids are missing their mates they are missing messing around, so we all say we don't like the kids on tech all the time, I agree but in these times which are a lot harder to understand is there a way we can maybe make a chat room for them just to meet and hang and chat. we like to chat and talk about our worries kids are worried to they may not understand what's happening or why but if they are meeting with there mates they can share their problems together that maybe they won't share with us because of whatever reason but it would provide an outlet for them. Maybe they are already doing this? I don't know, like said just ideas, I'm throwing out there!

4. Helping others who may need extra.

So what I mean when saying helping other who may need extra is if you know someone who has an illness, disability, lives alone, elderly, or another check in on them call them to ask how are they, do they need anything from the shop (if you are able), have they got medication that they can't pick up or no how to order online different' thing's like this. Just check in say hello it might be the only person they see all week or month you just don't know.

this is my personal thoughts and ideas, what are your views about everything happening, and do have and ideas to share that may help others.

Would love to hear from you.

If you would like to join the chat room please do it's a safe place to meet and talk about anything.

Please also remember it's ok not to be ok.

Take care and see you soon.

Rarars Adventures

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