Hayling Island

Hello, welcome back to Rarars Adventures, This month is a little different as we have been requested to look at Hayling Island.

So we went and had a good look.

Before going I did some research and we chose a couple of places to visit and look in to which included the following:

*Hayling Island Seaside Railway

*Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary

* Hayling Island it's self

Getting To Hayling Island.

You used to have to get a ferry to Hayling Island, but now you can drive there as they have built a bridge. I do know that you are able to get a bus there, but not a train.

It's a lovely Island, with plenty of shops and seaside attractions to visit ,you have the Hayling Island Fun Park , great if you have children, you also have Golf , and you also have the Sinha Heavy Anti- Aircraft , which has a trail for you to walk along, and you'll see different bits along the way. The trail is partly wheelchair friendly from what I could see. The Car park near The seaside Railway has disable parking which is free for 3 hours, but in some of the car parks you still have to pay even if you have a Blue badge ,so please read there info boards when parking .

The First place we went to Visit was the Hayling Island seaside Railway,

I have to say as this was our first stop I was really anxious, I was having one of those types of days, but once we met the team ,who were brilliant, my anxiety went , and I felt completely relaxed, as they were so friendly and welcoming.

first things first COVID-19 How it effects Hayling Island Seaside Railway

They are only carrying people from Eastoke (PO11 9HL) this is so they are able to clean the train after each ride.

you are put in one carriage with your bubble of people, so as not to mix with other members of the public.

They offer a delightful 2- mile return journey on a charming narrow- gauge light railway.

The train runs every weekend and Wednesdays throughout the year, plus daily during all school holidays, weather permitting.

Trains continue to run every 45 mins during the summer months. please ring to confirm. All trains run subject to demand, weather and daylight.

Hayling Island pride themselves on being accessible to everyone, you can easily get a wheelchair on, as they have made it so that you can lift the seat up, which enables you to turn the chair around and have a better view.

You can also hire the train for Birthday Parties ,which I thought was a really lovely idea,. Also at Christmas they have Father Christmas on the Train, which I thought was a lovely touch, there is a little gift shop as well, so don't forget to pop in and buy a little treat for yourself or a loved one.

I would like to say a big thank you to Robert Hazelton, Chris Martin and Rhys Sergent for being so welcoming , we really enjoyed our visit with you.

Opening Times

opening times

Wednesday 10:00 am

Saturday - Sunday 11:00 am

Dates 1 Jan 2020 31 Dec 2020

Hayling Island website : https://www.haylingrailway.com/

Email : 07775696912

Address : Hayling Seaside Railway

Sea Front

Hayling Island


PO11 0AG

Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary

I tried to contact the Donkey Sanctuary a few day's before we went but was to late to book a visit, completely my fault as I should of contacted them sooner, so it was agreed that I could do a little right up about them, and only film from outside.

But as it was the last place we went to they had customers leaving, so i was really lucky and able to talk to Tracy( who had just shown them out) who runs the Donkey Sanctuary, and she allowed us in, and I have to say it was the best ending to the day we were so lucky, the Donkeys were lovely, and the horses and sheep, I completely fell in love with the Donkeys!

They are doing some amazing work and should be very proud of what they are doing.

There aim is to give any Donkey in there care a happy, life long home, whilst providing for their daily needs with tenderness, understanding and affection.

develop and improve there facilities for the donkey's welfare and in a way that gives people the chance to visit them, enjoy the donkeys company along with an opportunity of getting involved.

They also take the Donkeys to visit people with disabilities, as a therapy which is wonderful, as they are very therapeutic and loving animals. They are only a small charity but the work they are doing is truly magical and they are doing an amazing job helping these beautiful animals.

If you love Donkeys this is the place to visit! you can even adopt a donkey, there are other ways to help and support the Donkey Sanctuary, such as buying a bail of hay which will be delivered to the Donkey Sanctuary,( I leave all links at the end.)

The Donkey Sanctuary is mostly disabled friendly they do every thing they can to make your visit the best it can be, the toilet has hand rails ,there is a tiny lip to get in, apart from that I would say you could happily get a wheelchair around there field, but if you feel you may struggle don't let that put you off! there is an area where they will bring the Donkeys to you so that you can have one to one with them, which personally I think is brilliant .One to one with a Donkey , so lovely!!! they really do go out of there way to make sure you have an enjoyable day.

They have a little cafe ,so make sure you stop for tea and a cheeky slice of cake, Paul and Tracy are lovely people doing a amazing job ,they are very welcoming and friendly people so don't be shy , ask about the Donkeys they all have a story to tell, there staff are all lovely to of course.

I'm so pleased we left going to the Donkey Sanctuary till the end of the day, it made it the perfect ending to a lovely day.

I would love to go back one day and spend a little more time there.


(quoted from site to give right information) "We are happy to announce we will be open for visitors Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday each week throughout August and September along with August Bank Holiday Monday.

************************* PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ***********************

There are some changes in place to make this possible outlined below and will need your help and cooperation to make it work:

For your safety we have limited the number of visitors on site at any one time this means in order to make a visit you will need to book in advance.

How to book a visit:

Choose your preferred visiting time 11 am, 1 pm or 3 pm. You will be given one and a half hours from your chosen time to enjoy the sanctuary.

Make a list of the names of every one in your party along with a contact number to comply with track n trace.

Call our booking number 07720204685 to confirm availability between 10 am and 3 pm."

Adopting a Donkey https://www.haylingdonkeys.co.uk/supporting-us/

Gift Shop https://www.haylingdonkeys.co.uk/gift-shop/

Visiting The Donkey Sanctuary https://www.haylingdonkeys.co.uk/visiting-us/

About the Donkey Sanctuary https://www.haylingdonkeys.co.uk/about-our-sanctuary/

Visit the website https://www.haylingdonkeys.co.uk/

There were other things to see and do at Hayling Island, if you haven't been there before I would say it's definitely worth the visit. there are disabled toilets spread around the island as well as in places that you go to visit. there are lot's of places to stop and stay for the night or a little holiday, as well as lots of different activity's to do depending what you enjoy doing, water sports, walking, exploring, the list goes on.

I know we certainly had a brilliant day, I am sharing some of the pictures we took while going around.

I hope that the people who requested for Rarars Adventures to check out Hayling Island have a lovely time and would love to here how you got on. Please do leave a comment on what you found at Hayling Island!

We look forward to sharing our next visit which will be out on the 1st November.

Thank you for reading Don't forget to check out my you tube, visiting Hayling Island I'll leave the link below:


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