Harbour Park

So, I went to visit Littlehampton Harbour Park, which is right on the sea front.

Why here? because all ages can have a disability, I was thinking of children or young carers or parents with children with disabilities and also for disabled parents.

It’s a smaller amusement park, it still offers rides at a smaller scale, and arcade, gift shops and places to eat.

Or bring your own lunch and sit at the picnic tables, or on the sea front.

It’s less queuing and waiting times for the rides compared to the bigger theme parks. (which is always good in my eyes.)

They have toilets on site and a separate disabled toilet. It’s a good place to visit with the kids to entertain them, its all on one level, so good if you are with someone in a wheelchair, but there are a couple of things that are inaccessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs, which are the soft play area, the trampolines, castle slide and the sharksville adventures, and crazy golf. This is because of safety reasons. (if you go on the website it will tell you more about it).

It’s also only a small walk away from Littlehampton beach and River. Again, there are ramps up to the sea front where the lifeguard and first aid is.

If you go to the lifeguard, you can get a wrist band for your child so if they get lost, they can go to the lifeguard and they will call to let you know that your child is there (summer months only).

There is also a ramp going onto to the beach, for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

The bigger rides at Harbour Park are outside, it is a little noisy with the music playing on each ride so may be something to consider, if you or someone your with doesn’t like loud noises.

Inside where the arcade is it is quieter, they also have some smaller rides in there, for adults and children, car racing, shooting games, electric ride on horse ect.

There are staff on the floor if you have any questions and seem friendly to approach.

The prices are good as well, you can pay for rides separately or you can buy discount unlimited wrist band and ride as many times as you want all day, parents and guardians ride free, when accompanying a wristband rider under 1.2 metres, you are also free to leave Harbour park and come back to the rides later if you want to go off exploring.

They also do Birthday Parties, (again look on site for more information)

If you would like to visit or check out prices, check out their web site www.harbourpark.com

While your there you could also visit Littlehampton town, the river, the beach, there are lots of things to do and see fun for all the family.

Thank you for reading I hope you have a great visit !

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