Happy Thursday

Hello, I hope we are all well, as you may know, I have been releasing review posts on youtube I have decided that once a month I will be releasing an email with the links of my reviews to youtube in case you would like to watch them.

At the moment I have released 3 and the 4th goes out tonight, (11/03/2021) I will be releasing them every Thursday at 7 pm so if you do enjoy them please like and subscribe so that you will be notified when they are released. I will send an email on the 1st of every month with the 4 that have been released during that month.

If there is something that you would like to see a review of please contact me via email, or message on my website, I'll do my best to get the product and do a review on it so you are able to see what the product is like before you buy.

(Please remember that I am not medically trained in any way and this is all based on my own opinion and I do not get paid to do this.) My aim is to help others like myself who suffer from visible and invisible disabilities find useful aids that may help people in and out of the home.

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