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Hope you are all well, I wanted to share something with you that someone tagged me in on Facebook and I thought it would be good to share what I think is important information with you. I knew nothing about this and think this could be really helpful for disabled drivers.

This is about an app called Fuel service app,

(This is quoted from there web page)

“It was created by a frustrated disabled driver who knew there had to be a better way of getting petrol than driving around for hours beeping his horn and hoping that someone would come out and help.

It needed to be a solution that worked for everyone, free and easy for disabled drivers, low cost but seamless for petrol stations. We think we got there but are going to fight to get to perfection.

So often services for disabled people are expensive and make lots of money for the non-disabled. Fuel stations is different, all profits go to finding a cure for paralysis, invest in research projects and organisations who are bringing a cure closer to reality.

This app has been designed for disabled drivers who are unable to get out of there car to fill the car up, it will allow you to find petrol stations that will come and assist you and also able to alert the petrol station you are arriving.”

The app also shows a map to show which petrol station is supporting the app to go too.

I think this app is a brilliant idea and can see the benefits for disabled drivers.

I would love to hear if you have heard of it or if you are using it whether it has helped or not?

Please let me know, either in the comments or email me.

There web page is https://fuelservice.org/en/

You can download the app from windows, iPhone, and play store.

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