Chichester Cathedral

Welcome back, this last week I was lucky enough to be able to go and visit Chichester Cathedral.

I’ve been there once before, but I was much younger, and it wasn’t to visit, it was for a service back when I was in the Sussex Army Cadets.

So, what can I say about my visit to Chichester Cathedral? Well for starters it’s stunning, it’s beautiful calm and relaxing.

There is so much detail in and out side the building , beautiful Windows and stonework it takes your breath away, I could happily sit in there with my sketch book and draw all day.

At this time it is only partly disabled friendly, as you walk on to the grounds of Chichester Cathedral you can see steps , if you can't manage steps, there are clear signs directing you to the ramp which takes you to the west entrance ,which leads to the main doors which are manual at present, then you need to go right at the doors where you will find another sign indicating there is another ramp through a side single door. This door currently is manual also, sounds complicated but it isn't as bad as it sounds, and once you get in its well worth it. There are always staff standing inside who can see outwards and will be able to assist you if you are struggling, or in a wheelchair they will come and open the doors for you.

Once you are inside the Cathedral you are welcomed by a member of the staff.

I spoke to one of the staff who knew I was coming today, and we talked about what they do and don’t have for disabled, they have put in portable ramps around the Cathedral where there are steps that are wide enough to allow a wheel chair, some stair cases are to narrow. The staff are very approachable if you need to ask them any questions, when I was talking to the member of staff, she was saying that they want to make the Cathedral as disabled friendly as they can, which they are slowly working towards, they would like to add hearing loops, and change the doors to automatic as they are quite heavy to open, and they are hoping to add in brail as well.

They are aiming to change as much as they can to assist the disabled members of the public, but as this is an old building there will be some limits to what they can and can not change.

But for now, if you are visiting all you need to do is ask and they will help you.

There are also a couple of wheelchairs if you need one to get around the Cathedral, but you do need to ask at the door, they used to be out, so you could help yourself, but unfortunately someone decided to take one home, and it was never seen again. So now they have to be put away because they wouldn't want to lose any more.

(I think that this is really sad they had to do this but completely understand as wheelchairs are not cheap to replace.)

There is so much to see and take in as you are walking around the Cathedral, and once you have finished they have a lovely little cafe where they serve tea, coffee, cakes, dinner, lunches they offer a lot of options.

Chichester Cathedral also conduct free guided tours at 11:15 am and 2:30 pm Monday- Saturday though out the year.

You can buy a guidebook as a souvenir with stunning pictures, at the Cloisters Gift Shop.

Groups are welcome and a range of general and specialist tours are available:-

The Art of the Cathedral, Behind the scenes, civil war tours and many more.

Cloisters Cafe and shop are open daily for visitors’ meetings, parties, fine dining, wedding receptions and many other events are all possible.

There is also an active Chichester Cathedral friends network, an education programme for school groups of all ages, a restoration and development trust ,and a stewardship scheme.

Chichester Cathedral also host Special events Concerts, Exhibitions, Lectures, Talks, Special Lunches and dinners and many more events throughout the year.

To find out more or to join there events mailing, call them on (01243) 782595 or email them

or Visit their website

With in Chichester Cathedral you will come across the following:

*The Baptistry

*The Chapel of St George

*Chapel of St Clement

*The Arundel Screen

*The South Transept

*Two important Romanesque Sculptures

*Piper Tapestry

*Graham Sutherland Painting

*Site of the Shrine of St Richard of Chichester

*The Anglo-German Tapestry

*Lady Chapel

*Christ In Judgement

*Chapel of St John the Baptist

*Marc Chagall Window

*The Treasury

*North Transept

*Gustav Holst Memorial

*Arundel Tomb

*Chapel of St Michael

*Cloisters Cafe and Shop


Entry to the Cathedral is Free but they rely on your generosity to ensure that this remains the case for the future.

The Cathedral cost £3.000 a day to maintain so please make a donation, thank you.


There is disabled street parking on West Street and on Chapel Street, Cooper Street. (Blue Badge holders only)

There are long and short stay car parks sign posted around Chichester which are pay and display unless you have a Blue Badge.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

07:30 am – Mattins

08:00 am – Holy Communion

5:30 pm - Evensong

Also on Wednesday, Thursday, 1:10 pm - Holy Communion

And Saturday 10:30 am - Holy Communion

08:00 am – Mattins

12:00 pm – Holy Communion

5:30 pm - Evensong

08:00 am - Holy Communion

10:00 am – Mattins

11:00 am – Sung Eucharist

3:30 pm - Evensong

I have to say I really enjoyed visiting Chichester Cathedral, they have a lot to offer I also wanted to point out they are repairing the roof at the moment, but have had to stop at this time of the year as they have two Peregrine Falcons who come back every year, I thought this was amazing, they have set up cameras so you can watch there activity and see if they have chicks or not, so all visitors get the chance to see what they are up too.

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing about It, i would love to go back to Chichester Cathedral once they have done the work to see what they have changed, and it would just be nice to go back there as its so breath taking and peaceful.

Chichester Cathedral contact information

Address: The Royal Chantry, Cathedral Cloisters, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1PX

Telephone: (01243) 782595



Thank you for reading!

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