Car handle

Car handle

Hi, How are you all doing today?

I was out with my hubby today,as he needed to get some bits for his new truck,as the other one was falling apart, in the old van it had a handle to help me get in, but the new truck does'nt have one, so we were in halfords, and i found this brilliant gadget, you may have already seen it, but i have'nt so wanted to share it with you today,

with this gadget, it works like a mobile handle that you put in the latch of the car/truck

where it normally shuts the door, and I have to say it is brilliant it’s really good and does the job with no hassle which is amazing. Using this simple device was really easy and made a real difference to my ability to be able to get into the truck. Also, it’s has a point to break the window if needed and a blade to cut the seat belt and also a torch , so it’s 4 in 1 which is brilliant.

It's light and has a good grip so you don’t slip, it made me feel safe when using the device i did'nt feel like it was going to slip, i trusted it, it was £12.99, which i thought was not a bad price, considering with out it, i would'nt be able to get in the truck at all.

Have you used one before? How did you find using it?

I would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for reading today's post I hope you enjoyed it.

The car handle website from the back of the box

I brought mine from Halfords

you can also find it at:

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