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So, for those that don’t know that if you are disabled you can get a bus or train pass, it’s not just for those on a pension.

Which to me opens up a lot more doors.

If your disabled getting out and about isn’t always easy, well it isn’t for me.

As you may know I drive a mobility scooter and I depend on it a lot!

My scooter is my legs I use it most days, unless I’m ill or going out with someone who has a car.

This last year I’m not going to lie has been really hard regarding my mobility scooter, it kept braking down which made me pretty much house bound, unless I went out with someone, which I don’t like relying on people if I don’t have to.

So, my scooter is 10 years old so to be fair she is doing well considering how much I use it, we have had her five years and I brought her second hand. The reason we bought this type of scooter the Traveso mobility scooter is simple I suffer with chronic pain and when I’m in the cold, wet I start having spasms which causes my body to lock up to the point I can’t move because I’m in so much pain. I’ve had the normal open scooters before but I could only use it in the summer months and it just didn’t work. I was unable to get to appointments in the winter months and had to make appointments around people who could drive, as I’m sure you can relate this makes things a lot harder to organise, It came to a point I just felt like giving up and not leaving the house.

This is when we decided to save up and get the Traveso and it’s amazing, but I’m worried about how long she has left, if I had to get another one it would have to be the same kind all enclosed, I would love to get the scooter PAC cabin car MK2 later on, or given the opportunity to do a blog post on the MK2 to share with others what the benefits of having one would be.

So, while my scooter was down and I was stuck in the house I started looking into other ways of getting out and about which is when I found out that you can get a Bus or Train pass, if your disabled, (Please note you can only have one or the other not both).

I decided that a bus pass would be better for me as I personally would struggle getting to the train station and I have a bus stop at the end of my road so this would work better for me.

Also I thought at first the bus would be scary, I was concerned about having a panic attack or not being able to sit down fast enough but I have to admit the bus driver was really friendly, he waited for me to sit down, and when it was time to get of the bus he didn’t make me feel like I needed to rush, which was really good.

To get the Bus or Train pass you need to be on PIP and be able to prove this, or some form of disability , also you will need a passport size photo, you can fill out the form online or contact them and they will send it out in the post, you can check online at the same time to make sure whether you are eligible or not it’s called the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme .

I’ll put on the links at the bottom of the page so you can go straight there.

Once you have filled out the form depending on how busy they are mine came between two to three weeks and once it runs out you are able to renew it again online or again ask them to send out the renewal papers.

If you have trouble filling out the paperwork there is a contact number for you to call on the page and they will help put you through to the right people who should help you over the phone.



I still get anxious getting on a bus but you are allowed to take a carer with you which If I remember correctly your carer goes free, which is something else to think about to help make your journey as smooth as possible.

I hope this helps people, I know it has helped me when I’m unable to get out and about.

Also I forgot to say if you have a dog you can take them on the bus as well and it doesn't have to be a working dog, just as long as they are well behaved and on a lead.

I would love to hear your feedback on this!

Thank you for reading!

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