Bodiam Castle

Welcome back to Rarars Adventures, This month we have been to visit Bodiam Castle.

before we start I would like to explain, that when we visited my hubby wasn't feeling 100% due to hayfever, unfortunately, he suffers really bad from it and it didn't kick in till we were over halfway.

Therefore I've had to do a voice-over on the video where hubby wasn't able to film so it is a little different than the normal way of filming.

So please be kind when watching and sorry for any inconvenience.

But on the plus side, it was stunning I couldn't believe how beautiful it was as you will be able to see from the photos I post later.

Bodiam Castle is an Archetypal 14th-century moated castle with a ruined interior - a glimpse of medieval splendor.

Bodiam Castle is also part of the National trust.

I was so happy when I received the email saying that we were allowed to pop along to do a vlog, and it was 100% worth the long drive there.

Now first things first what has changed because of covid?

well they encourage booking a ticket before visiting so there is no disappointment when you arrive if they have too many numbers in you will be sent away, this is to keep the staff and volunteers and public safe, and maintain social distancing.

The grounds, castle, car park, castle view cafe are all open daily.

The shop and bookshop are open Wednesday - Sunday. The Wharf Tea is open on weekends only. Booking is encouraged to guarantee castle entry. Tickets may be purchased on-site for the day.

When arriving Bodiam Castle is clearly signposted so is easy to find. when you pull in to the car park you are currently met by a member of the team who you show tickets too and they book you in, I believe they are doing this at the moment due to covid so they are able to keep an eye on the numbers to keep everyone safe.

directly in front of you is where the disabled parking is it says there are only 5 spots but when I went there there were seven so I think that they have added more since doing their website which is nice to know also if you have trouble walking they will let you drive in to there staff car park so that you are closer to the Castle and don't have to walk as far which I thought was really good. You do need to pay for the car park unless you have a blue badge parking is free. you need to ask to go into the staff car park as they are only doing this because at this time they are not hiring out their mobility scooters so they are trying to make it as accessible as possible. The reason they are not hiring the mobility scooters at this time is that most of the staff that are there are volunteers and some are not able to be there because of shielding so they don't have enough staff to clean the scooters. please check their website for updates and things are changing all the time.

The paths on the grounds are all wheelchair friendly there are some inclines if you are pushing somebody in a wheelchair or pushing yourself but aren't too steep. in the castle, you are able to go around the grounds inside with a wheelchair or pushchair but you will not be able to go into the parts of the castle that are open as there are a lot of stairs (scary stairs I call them as they go up in a spiral and I'm afraid of heights but I was really happy once I achieved the climb and I'm sorry to all the people I held up .) please don't let the stairs put you off though even if your not able to climb stairs the grounds are beautiful and are really worth seeing they are breathtaking,

They have a disabled toilet at the entrance, and public toilets there as well and changing room, this is the only disabled toilet they have, there are another set of toilets by the Castle view cafe but there isn't a disabled toilet there also when we went these toilets were closed, (properly due to Covid & staff) so please bear this in mind when visiting.

When visiting they have a little hut on your way walking to the castle and in there you can pick up a little leaflet for children or adults if you would like to join in of course and on there they have different things to look out for which is a bit of fun for all the family.

at the Castle View cafe, they have seating which is set in place you have 2 seaters and around seating tables in which there is space to fit a wheelchair in as well and I have taken photos to share this which will be at the end.

I wanted to leave you this quote I have taken from the leaflet that I got as it shares a little more about Bodiam Castle.

"A Potted History, welcome to one of Britain's most picturesque and evocative castles.

Sir Edward Dallingridge was a soldier, King's Knight, and Member of Parliament. He built the castle around 1385. It is supposedly here to defend against possible French invasion or local rebellion. However, like most castles, it is also a fine home and a place of hospitality. It sends out the message that Sir Edward is a rich and powerful man.

The inside of the castle was probably dismantled during the English Civil War. It later fell into disrepair. We have several people to thank for its restoration, including Lord Curzon, who left Bodiam to the National Trust in 1926. "

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle is based in East Sussex, near Robertsbridge, you are able to drive there,

get a bus there which would be 349 stagecoaches from Hastings train station to Hawkhurst, and stops opposite the car park entrance.

If you decide to come by bus they are currently offering 2 for 1 entry and you just show them the downloadable voucher and bus ticket. visit the Stagecoach website for details.

You can get the train, Season steam railway from Tenterden town to Bodiam Station: 1/4 mile.

Operated by Kent & East Sussex Railway ( Mainline railway stations at Robertsbridge, 5 miles; Battle, 10 miles (London Charing Cross to Hastings route) No public transport links from mainline railway stations, only private taxies. No taxi rank at Robertsbridge - need to pre-book taxis. Taxi rank at Battle.

By road1.5 miles (2.2km) east, off B2244, 3 miles (5.6km) south of Hawkhurst. Look out for The Curlew restaurant on crossroads opposite turning to Bodiam. 3 miles (5.6km) east of A21 at the southern end of Hurst Green village, midway between Tunbridge Wells and Hastings.Parking: Pre-booking your visit is required for all visitors. National Trust members park free. Non-members can pay for parking onsite by cash or the 'Pay by Phone' app.

On Foot

Sussex Border path between Hawkhurst and Ewhurst Green goes through the grounds of the castle.

By Ferry

Seasonal passenger ferry (April to September) from Newenden Bridge, Newenden village on A28- operated by Bodiam Boating Station ( Booking advisable.


Per Visitor

gift aid standard

Adult N/A £10.00

Child N/A £5.00

Family N/A £25.00

1 adult family N/A £15.00


Free entry for National Trust Members. To avoid disappointment please book in advance, especially at busier times such as weekends and bank holidays.

However, where space is available on weekdays, pre-booking may not always be necessary. If you do not book we cannot guarantee admission.

useful links :

Opening times please visit the website:

We had such an amazing day visiting Bodiam Castle and would like to say a big thank you to Bodiam Castle for letting us come along for the day, to do a vlog to share with others what to expect while visiting, we hope that you enjoyed reading the post! don't forget to watch the vlog on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any more upcoming vlogs with Rarars Adventures!

See you soon.

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