Bladder and Bowls

Hi, hope your all enjoying your week.

Today I thought I would do a post on something I really struggle with and I can't be the only one with these problems.

So, today's post is about Bladder and Bowels, I know for many including myself it can be a taboo subject or embarssing to talk about.

Never mind worrying about going out wondering if there will be public toilets close by and if not are the local cafe's and restaurants going to let you use there toilets, if your not buying anything. So yes it can sometimes be a hard subject to talk about.

But I think it should be something we should talk about! If it's something that we worry about then if we talk about it then maybe we might learn something from others that might help us!

This is what I did, I was talking to someone and they said to me oh haven't you heard of the Bladder and Bowl Community? That was it, I was looking this up straight away! It turns out there is help out there. So my findings are your findings.

They offer a range of things regarding the Bladder and Bowl area and one of them is a card you can carry around with you saying "JUST CAN'T WAIT!" then it says on the card "The holder of this card has a medical condition and needs to use the toilet quickly PLEASE HELP!"

All you have to do to get this card is go on there web site and fill in there form just briefly explaining your medical condition, and they send you the card out.

"The Bladder and Bowl community home delivery service is an independent, personalised home delivery service for all your urology, ostomy, wound care and prescription medication needs."

I thought this was really good to look in to, it's something easy to carry around in your purse or wallet and saves you having to explain your self to anyone if you really need to go.

The other thing which is also handy to carry around with you is the RADAR KEY which I have already done a post about, so if you haven't already please feel free to go and have a quick look I've put in the links and information on how to get one of these as well.

Just remember if your worried about something there are always others worried about it too, so try and be open about it and talk to people you never know you might learn something that could help you or others like I did!

I really hope this post helps! If there is a subject that you would like me to cover or something I haven't covered yet let me know!


freephone helpline: 08000315406

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