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Hi, I hope you are all well.

Today I wanted to share with you an app to help assist the blind or low vision users I’m not sure how many have heard of it but I thought it would be something interesting to share with you.

The app is called Be My Eyes, it’s a free mobile app with one main goal, to make the world more accessible for the blind and low-vision people.

The app connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and companies from all over the world through live video call.

They launched in January 2015 they have more than 2.000.000 volunteers signed up to assist blind and low-vision users.

Be My Eyes users can request assistance in over 180 languages which makes the biggest online community for the blind and low-vision people as well as one of the largest micro-volunteering platforms in the world.

My Eyes Story (quoted from web page)

“My Eyes Story started in Denmark in 2012 with Hans Jorgen Wiberg, a Danish furniture craftsman, who is visually impaired himself.

Through his work at the Danish Association of the blind he recognized that blind or low-vision people often needed a little assistance to solve everyday tasks however, it wasn’t until a blind friend told him that he used video calls to connect with family and friends, who could help him with these tasks, that Hans Jorgen got the idea for Be My Eyes.

He believed that technology of video calls could be used to visually assist blind or low-vision individuals, with out them having to rely on friends and family but using a network volunteer.

In April 2012 Hans Jorgen presented his idea at a Danish start up event, where he got connected with a team that was ready to make Be My Eyes a reality.

On January 15th, 2015, the Be My Eyes app was released for IOS and within 24 hours the had had more than 10.000 users.

Since the release of the IOS app an android version has been in high demand. The android version was finally released on October 5th, 2017.

In December 2017 Be My Eyes was chosen as Google Play best apps of 2017 in the categories “Most Innovative” “Best daily helper” and “Best hidden gem” and in May 2018 Be My Eyes won the Google Play award 2018 for “Best accessibility award”

In February 2018, the feature specialized help was launched with Microsoft as first partner company. Specialized help enables blind and low-vision users to connect with official company representatives for accessible and efficient customer support.”

This app works by calling the volunteers and asking them a questions


Finding lost or dropped items

Describing pictures, paintings

Matching or explaining colors

Reading labels on household items or products

Shopping in supermarkets

Finding out when public transportation is departing or arriving

I think this is such an amazing idea and can see it helping millions of people I would love to know if you no anyone who uses this and how they get on, or if you are a volunteer for this app and are one of the people who help.

Thank you for reading!

there link is

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