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Review on the Bath/Shower Seat.

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Hello and welcome back to Rarars Adventures!

Today I will be talking about the Bath/Shower seat, I thought I would do this today as it’s something I have spoken about in my daily vlogs and in some of my other post!

So, the Bath/Shower seat, you are able to get from an OT, or you are able to buy one your self from a care shop, or disability shop, or one line. (will put links at the end)

Same as the toilet fame!I personally I think there are pros and cons to haven a Bath/Shower seat! The reason I’m saying this is because of my own personal experience. (which I’m about to share with you)

I got mine at the same time I got my toilet fame from the OT, when I first moved in so there are better ones out there now, I’m sure.

But I find mine really good in the fact that I’m able to sit down whilst I have a shower and have some independence.

It’s a bench that fits across the bath with grips underneath that can be adjusted so that it fit’s without moving which is what you need when it’s wet, the last thing you want is for it to be sliding up and down the bath so you feel unsteady.

But the part that you sit on is very smooth, and I have found it very slippery when wet ,to the point that I have had a couple of falls now because it’s so slippery, so we are going to invest in a shower mat to place on top to make it safer. As i have already said

I do believe that there are better ones out there now with grip on the seat which is brilliant, I only wish they did this sooner, which might have prevented me from having falls.

So just had a little look to see if I could get a picture to show you what mine looks like, and I’m unable to find one anywhere which makes me question if they still use it or not! Very interesting so maybe they don’t because maybe of the risks of falls I don’t know for 100% but this is very interesting, and looking on line there are so many different types now that may be a lot better and safer to use.

So, something that I need to look in to again and contact the OT people to see if they could come out to do another assessment as it’s been about 6 years since they last came out. So here I am trying to help other people and I’m still learning new stuff as well! I love this!!!

In light of this, if you have an OT or you’re the same as me and not seen one for a while, it might be worth contacting them again and explaining your needs and when you last saw them. ( I’ll leave there contact details at the end don’t worry.)

It’s nice to see that there are new and better things out there to help people who struggle.

So there isn’t any more I can really say about the Shower/ bath bench as I’m not even able to find the one I have one line, (this is making me chuckle as i'm saying this) but I will leave some different links so you are able to see the different types there are now and different places to buy them from as well.

But before I leave you, I would like to say apart from having some falls ,I think the bench is really helpful and helps you keep your independence which is so important when you have an illness/ disability. so if any of you have not seen your OT for as long as me, then like me i would suggest you call them.

I hope this post has help a little, and maybe you have learnt something new like me!

I’ll see you all next week! Take care.

OT Information (Occupational therapist)

You can contact the Social services department of your local council to arrange an assessment for your needs, or you can be referred for an

Assessment by:

1. Your GP or Consultant (Specialist Doctor)

2. A Nurse

3. Another health care professional

4. A Social care professional

Links to Bath/Shower Seats

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