Amberley Museum

Amberley Museum

Welcome and thank you for joining us today we have been to visit Amberley Museum.

Before we start, I would like to share a little about Amberley Museum and what they have put in place for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Visiting Information

(This is quoted from there site so I give the right information)

"We re- open to members on the 25th July and 26th July and to everyone on the 29th July.

The safety of our visitors, staff and volunteers is our number one priority so please take a moment to read about a number of changes we are making so that you know what to expect on your day out at Amberley.

we would like to welcome everyone back to Amberley as soon as possible but if you or anyone at home has a temperature, persistent cough or any of the symptoms of COVID-19 please delay your visit.

for everyone's safety, all visitors must observe strict social distancing in accordance with government guidelines.

We are on a large open - air site so there is lots of space once you have entered the Museum and we are putting in one way system in our larger exhibition and restricting entry to one family group at a time in our smaller buildings.

Parents - Please take particular care to ensure that your children are safe.

Visit England - We're Good To Go Certificate by Visit.

Amberley Museum has been awarded with "We're Good To Go" Certificate by visit England. This verifies that we have followed government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring processes are in place to maintain cleanliness and aid social/physical distancing."

some other rules they have put in place :

Must book online

Must wear a mask

Cafe is only takeaway

must follow directions

Our Visit to Amberley Museum

So, I went to Amberley Museum our first visit since all the COVID-19 started!

Now as you all know I was meant to be going with my Sister Hayley, but there was a little change of plan as life does get in the way sometimes which can't be helped. So Who did I take with me?

Well, I took my Dad (Steve Duffin), you see I was talking to Hayley a few weeks ago, and she has a lot going on at the moment so she was saying that she wouldn't be able to help as much which is fine understandably, she did all last year with me she has done loads bless her! and she will still do some time to time just not as much! So, I'll be now sharing with Hubby when he can, and Mum (Mandy Duffin) and Dad (Steve Duffin) while he isn't working! getting back on track so Hayley wasn't able to do this visit so Dad kind of got throne in the deep end and came with me bless him and considering the circumstances I think he did really well, when you watch the Video on YouTube you will notice that we have a couple of focus problems but please remember this was Steve's first time and it was last minute I'll get him there! we all have to learn.

Our trip went brilliant really enjoyed it, they were lovely and friendly very welcoming.

The car park is quite large and there is disabled parking by the entrance which is always helpful, also the parking is free! the train station which I didn't know is kind of in the car-park so you don't need to worry about getting from train to the museum as it's about 20 steps away.

It's clearly sign posted as well, the car-park isn't tarmac it's light gravel wheelchairs and mobility scooter will be fine.

As you walk towards the entrance you are met by a member of staff, who checks your tickets and then you walk through and start walking around.

There are wheelchairs there if you need to borrow one, but if you think you are going to need one I would personally advise that you call before your visit so that they can keep one aside for you.

most of the ground is easy for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, buggy's ect. there are only couple places that are inaccessible which are a couple of nature trails, maybe ok for some buggies depending what design they are.

There are lots of things for adults and children to interact with I say this because I'm a big kid at heart and would be rude not to test everything!

there is so much to see and do there you could easy do two days there!

Over at the Crafts section omg it's really good, the staff want to talk and take the time to show you there craft! brilliant well worth stopping and talking to all, unfortunately we didn't get time to talk to everyone I feel really bad because before we went over to the craft part we spoke to the Bodger, and he was going to share his craft and we was going to film but we film another crafter and then went for lunch and forgot to go back and I think it upset him a little so I'm truly sorry if you are reading this I'll come back if you will have me??

Train: So, after walking around all day, so we didn't miss anything and lots of sitting in between of course! Well it be rude not to get the train back wouldn't it! so we did now because of COVID-19 they are limiting how many people are aloud on at a time so please bare this in mind, also we spoke to the train driver and he expressed how important it is to phone before coming if your in a wheelchair to let them know so they can put the cart on and ramps on ready!

(so please consider this when booking your visit)

(I would like to apologise for the quality of the pictures and sorry for any inconvenience )

So, what is the purpose of the Museum:

(I have quoted this from there website as I want to give you the right information.)

“The Museum governing document and statement that is:

To provide and maintain a center or centers in South East of England for the exhibition to the public of specimens of machinery, equipment buildings and inventions, of what ever nature of historical or educational interest and such other objects of fine and useful arts, archaeology and geology including techniques of industrial military and planning processes, rural arts, crafts and industrial and other actuates showing human creativity of a historical or educational interest.”

A little history about Amberley Museum

(Quoted from there website)

"From the 1840's to the 1960's chalk was quarried and burnt in the Kilns at Amberley to make Lime for mortar, decorating and agricultural use.

In 1876 John Pepper and his son, Thomas Cunningham Pepper, took over from several small producers in the area and by the turn of the century they where the only producers on the site, which was ideally located to take advantage of road, railway and river transport.

over the years, Pepper and Son Ltd drivers identified into the manufacture and distribution of a variety of building materials and had depots in a number of Sussex Towns until the closure of the business in the 1960's.

Amberley Museum arose from the arose from a concept created in the 1970's by a group of architects, surveyors, planners and museum professionals who felt there was a need for a center in the south east where industrial and social history could be conserved and interpreted in an active working environment "

(you can keep reading more about there history by heading over to there page and clicking on Our History.)

Our Mission

“Amberley Museum showcases and preserves the rural, transport, industrial and communications history of the south of England for the learning and enjoyment of today’s visitors and future generations. We engage with the community, providing opportunities for volunteers to support the Museum’s goals and enjoy the associated social environment.”

Amberley museum vision

(Quoted from site)

“Amberley Museum aspires to engage with people in discovering and learning about Southern England’s. Working past, inspired by our nationally important collections.”

(Quoted from site)

“Our Values

Preserving the heritage and ambiance of Amberley

Ensuring high standards of collection care

Providing an engaging visitors experience for both adults and children

Being adaptable and supportive

Encouraging learning and discovery

Becoming a sustainable organisation and lowering our carbon footprint “

Amberley Museum offers

Formal Education school, college, and university visits

And workshops.

Also, for Adults and Families they offer

Heritage Craft courses and family at home activities

Here is some of what Amberley Museum have to offer:





Nature Trails


Amberley Museum is located next to Amberley Railway station.

They have a large open outdoor car parking area with a compacted gravel surface.

There is a height restriction of 2.25 metres (7.3ft) in their main car park.

If you have a vehicle that is higher, then you can contact their office before you visit to let them know and they will leave the barrier open for you, there number is (01798) 831370.

Access from the car park is through an open gate on a tarmac path.

There gates are open just before 10 am and close at 4.30 pm and 4 pm in the winter.

Last Entrance is at 3.30 pm and 3 pm in the winter.

Amberley Museum has a 36-acre site which is mostly flat, with some slopes in place.

There are also nature trails around the site, but these are inaccessible to wheelchair uses and possibly pushchairs depending on their design.

Amberley Museum do have wheelchairs to hire but to make sure that you have one on the day they do advise to call in advance of your visit.

They have also placed seating around the grounds in case you need to seat down to catch your breath or have some lunch, they have also placed seating within there exhibition sites for you to take a breather if needed.

Access on their busses and trains

(Quoted from there site)

“Due to the age of our buses, we do not currently have any that offer wheelchair access.

There is the option of folding up smaller pushchairs.

Accessible carriage for our trains.

This may not be in use every day, so please contact the Museum to see if we can arrange it for you on your day of visit.”



They have various locations around the site, there are disabled and baby changing facilities in our Limeburner’s Café, and near the entrance by the print shop.

First Aid

If you need medical assistance, please speck to a member of the team but please do remember that the help they are allowed to give is limited.


Amberley Museum is dog friendly and welcomes your pets and assistance dogs. They have water bowls around the site including outside the café.

Keep dogs on a lead within the Museum.

Carer information.

Accompanying carers may be admitted free of charge where there is essential for a visit to the Museum.

Additional Information

If we can help advise and assist you with any questions about our Museum before you visit or if you would like to arrange a group booking for visitors with disabilities, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.

(01798) 831370


you can head over to there website and read about what they have upcoming events and opening times ect but I will be leaving some off this information down below at the end.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Amberley Museum for letting us come along to visit to share with others what you offer and thank you to all your lovely friendly members of staff and volunteers you are amazing thank you!

Also would like to say a big thank you to my Dad Steve Duffin for coming along with me even if it was a case of being dropped in the deep end you did really well thank you.

I hope you will all join me for our next adventure which I will be releasing every month on the 1st.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them or try and find out for you.

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