After Noon

Happy After noon, I hope your all enjoying your Sunday dissipate the weather, not very nice is it!

So you might of noticed that I have still not uploaded a new location I can only apologize for this I really am sorry :(

There is good news! like I said in my last post, I will be releasing a new post on the 1st of every month, until I can catch up on myself.

I have been given the go ahead so I'm all set and ready to release on the 1st of April and I'm really excited to share with you where we visited.

So please bare with me!

Also this Thursday I didn't get a chance to release a post on a product that might help you as my baby Girl Tigger (which is a dog) had to have a operation so I've been super busy but she is recovering really well bless her. she will be also haven another operation when she has recovered from this one the same but on a different leg. as she has a broken tendon in both back legs so is a big opp for her as she is 12 years old.

I'm really sorry if you are upset with me, but I promise I'm doing everything I can, and there will be a post next week I promise.

Meanwhile I have been busy emailing different locations to set up to go and visit which is always exciting.

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all for supporting me and staying with me.

I look forward to sharing Thursday's post with you this week.

Be safe in this storm, look after yourselves and keep warm!

Don't forget if there is somewhere you would like to visit but not sure if it will meet your need let me know and will see if we can visit the location for you to let you know what it is like and what it offers!

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