A update on the bath seat!

Hello and welcome back thank you for joining me.

I hope we are all well, staying in and keeping safe!

So before I start I just wanted to inform you that I have made a Forum page for us all to talk about our worry's what we been up to different way's of managing our mental and physical health, so please come along and join in please be kind.

Today's post I wanted to go back a couple of weeks to when I was talking about the bath seat saying about the problems I have been haven and weather you had found any problems using it.

I also said that I would be contacting the OT to see if they had any suggestions, which I did and they call me and made me an appointment to meet someone at a hub, ovsbversaly this got cancelled because of the coronavires and I ended up have a meeting over the phone which I thought was brilliant considering how busy they all are at the moment.

I explained what was happening and she suggested a chair that fit's like the bench but it has more support with arms and back rest, so I agreed that this might work so she confirmed with her boss and it was delivered a couple days later, because they wasn't able to do a assessment at my home it's a bit of trail and error weather it will fit or not but if it doesn't all i need to do is call her and she will have another think on what might work, I was really happy with the service they gave me they were so friendly and supportive even though they where unable to come to my home. I just thought it would be good to share the out come of my own personal experience with you all to follow up on my post about the bath seat.

thank you for reading and hope this has helped if you where concerned about contacting the ot people they are really helpful there is nothing to worried about and they are supportive as well.

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