Afternoon, hope we are all well?

I thought I would do a little update on what's been happening!

I've been quite busy while also suffering myself with my own health problems and other things that have been happening.

So, I've been busy contacting different places to visit which has been good. I have a place to visit each week till October which is amazing! I've been researching the places as well as editing videos from the visits I have already done.

I have to be honest my laptop dose not like editing it keeps going green and then closing which is coursing a few problems and making it longer to edit the work but I'm getting there. I hope that at some point I'll be in a position to upgrade to a new computer that can mange to edit my videos without closing all the time, just got to be pastaint. (like I said before I don't earn money from doing this I do it all off my own back!)

Meanwhile dealing with my own problems at the same time, I've come off my antidepressants, there is a story behind why I have done this. I was starting to get low on my tablets to the point I had 7 days left so I ordered them, and meanwhile I lowered my Antidepressants to one a day instead of 2 a day, then to none, I still hadn't had my medication delivered, and contacted my pharmacy to be told they hadn't received my prescription, so then had to wait longer by this time I had been of my medication for a week and was feeling ok, once I did get my medication it was two weeks later and I decided to stay of them, with the thought that If I dip to much I might just go back on to one tablet , this was about 3 weeks ago now, and still not to bad my pain has increased quite a bit, and I still get panicky before doing my vlogs, So, like I said see how things go! I'm also booked in to see the doctor on Thursday, as I have been struggling with feeling sick 24/7 but not being sick and pain is higher than what it normally is, the sickness has been going on for about 5 months but gradually getting worse as time goes on, I'm scared incase its the adhesions are causing a blockage, hopefully they are not, but will be nice to have that confirmed and find out what is happening and why I feel like this all the time.

Also while all this is happening, our doggy Susie had to go to the vets last week, she has a lump on her left back leg which five years ago she had cancer there but she had a operation and they managed to clear it all, after taking her there on Wednesday, they did a test and believe it's back again, but needed to get the swelling down and infection gone, so she has been on medication last week she takes her last tablet tomorrow and goes back to the vets tomorrow at 10am, so will let you no how it goes. To be honest I am praying that they have got it wrong but I also think it's wishful thinking. it will break my heart if it is back but Susie is a fighter and we can get her through it again, even though she is 13 years old her health is brilliant so we have that on our side.

I wanted to share all this with you because this isn't just a blog about visiting places it's also sharing my own experience with you to show we are not along there are others like us who struggle daily and it would be nice to connect with each other.

After I do a vlog it takes me about 4 to 5 days to recover it dose take it out of me but to me I am doing something positive and trying to help others I've had feedback from some people that have said that I have helped which is amazing that's all I ever wanted to do help others like myself.

I'll be back next week with a update on how things are going we should no more by then

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