2021 Welcome back

Hello, welcome back to Rarars Adventures.

I hope we are all well and keeping safe, Sorry I haven't been able to put a post up for a little while, some of you may have seen my post on Facebook, but this is why I thought I would do a post to share with you what has been happening for those that don't follow me on FB.

I was planned to do a post on the 4th of January but unfortunately, we had a bit of sad news our dog Susie was not very well as I have done a post on before when she had cancer in her leg, which we thought we got rid of with surgery but during Christmas, she stopped doing things like playing and kept licking one of her lumps which we knew we had to get checked out, after seeing the vet they confirmed our worse nightmare that cancer had come back but this time it had spread everywhere, we were offered chemo but this was just something we didn't want to put her through, it wouldn't have been fair on her she was 13 years old and had cancer twice so we made the hardest decision we have ever had to make and had her put to sleep so she wasn't suffering anymore.

So, things have been very hard for us, and that is why I haven't been online, but I feel I need to get back on the horse and start doing my vlogs and sharing new things with my supporters.

On Monday 25th at 4 pm, I'll be doing my first live vlog this year sharing what coming up for this year on FB live and YouTube

so I hope you can join me.

Thank you for your support there will be another post coming out soon with what is coming up for this year.

take care

Rarars adventures

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